Moving to a house with natural stone tile

DomesticPixieSeptember 11, 2011

Does anyone know what this tile is? Is it travertine?

It is clearly "unfilled" since there are visible holes in several areas. I know nothing about tile but was hoping to get some info before calling and getting quotes from the tile restoration places in my area. I probably need it filled and sealed. What polish finish will hold up best. How much should I expect to pay per square foot? What do I need to know.

Please help me with any info you have.

Here is a link that might be useful: my floor

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From what I can see in the pics, looks like Travertine marble. If the holes are of great concern, they can be grouted over.

After that, I would use a good penetrating sealer such as DuPont's "Stonetech" sealer. Standard sealer will not change the character of the floor. An "Anhancing Sealer" will tend to bring out the natural colours and character.

This is, of course, assuming it hasn't been allready sealed. Dribble some water on the tile and see if it absorbs within 5 or10 minutes. If it does, it has been sealed. If it doesn't, it hasn't been and the "enhancer" will do little to change it.

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