Do you live in Savannah?

beekeeperswifeMarch 16, 2010

My son is heading to Savannah this fall for college. I'm getting more and more nervous due to all the crime statistics I'm reading. He is my third child to go away to school (other 2 went to Penn State like me--I'm very comfortable with that scenario) so it's just not being nervous about a child starting college.

I'm truly worried now about the muggings, robberies, etc.

So if anybody has lived, or does live in Savannah, can you give me your feedback? He will be attending SCAD.


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Hey beekeeperswife. I was born in Savannah and my family still lives there. I am not far away in Atlanta. We were just there over the weekend.

Where will he be going to school? My husband and I both went to college there.

I don't know much about the current crime statistics there but I have not heard about anything really terrible. I will do a little more research though. My MIL will have the scoop for me. I will post later after I talk with her. I think downtown can be rough but like I said I haven't heard anything significant lately.

Please let me know if I can do anything else for you or provide you with any information. Feel free to email me privately.


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SCAD is in a very hip, fairly newly revitalized neighborhood. It is my favorite part of Savannah. He needs to not act stupid, which can be hard for freshmen, but he should be fine. I survived 4 years in New Haven, CT (probably similar crime wise) and learned quickly to be street smart and never had a single incident.

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odiegirl13: Thanks for the information, he will be attending Savannah College of Art & Design. I will send you an email.

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Sorry I missed your earlier reference to SCAD.

I think SCAD will be an amazing school for him. SCAD is responsible for much of the revitalization of Savannah. They bought old school buildings and turned them into classrooms, old hotels became dorms and an old department store became a library. I think Savannah looks better than I have ever seen in it. Everywhere you look the restoration has spread further out of the historic district.

I think histokitch is right about learning how to make good choices. I think he will be fine.

Best of luck to him in this exciting phase of his life.

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