Coronary bypass surgery

irislover7bDecember 19, 2005

My best friend just had quadruple bypass surgery this morning (Monday), and thankfully it went well. He went to the ER Friday with chest pain, and was having a heart attack. The doctor said he'd had one the previous day and one earlier Friday, also. He's 54, a smoker with high cholesterol and (previously) untreated high blood pressure. Otherwise he was in good health, except for a kidney stone that hasn't bothered him lately. His sister lives next door to him, and his parents (in their 80's and somewhat feeble)live with him, so he'll have help close by when he gets home. Of course, we all want him to not pick up another cigarette, but he said yesterday that he didn't know if he wanted to quit. I know his family is going to nag him, so I'm going to try not to. I also don't know how well he'll do with his diet (we're in the South, so we're accustomed to eating a lot of fattening fried foods and shortening-laden biscuits), but he already had been trying go to light on the salt, because of his blood pressure. Does anyone have any advice or experience dealing with a loved one who has undergone this surgery? I've found information on the internet that says to expect pain, weakness, depression, mood swings, etc., but I really would like to know what I can do to help him.

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It's hard to say. So much will depend on his willingness to help himself. Whoever does the cooking in the house will be the one to control most of the salt intake. The salt shaker has to stay in the cabinet. No buying potato chips or salsa. No high salt frozen dinners or pizza either. Frankly, if I were a heavy smoker and enjoyed it, I don't know if I would be interested in giving it up either. sometimes the pleasures of the day outweigh the possibilities of a shortened life span.

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