Yeast Infection & Antibiotics

rivkadrDecember 23, 2006

This is kind of embarrassing to post, but I'm just not sure what to do, and I'm hoping someone can give me some advice.

I got a sinus infection a few weeks ago, and my doctor prescribed antibiotics for 10 days. The infection didn't fully go away, so I talked to her again, and she prescribed another round of antibiotics with a heavy-duty decongestant. At the time, she warned me that the likelihood of getting a yeast infection was high. Sure enough, a couple of days ago, I developed a yeast infection -- the worst one I've ever had. It's really, really bad, but I don't want to go into details. I bought some monistat and used it, but it's done very little -- I'm guessing because I'm still using the antibiotics.

My doctor is gone on vacation for the next week, so I can't get ahold of her. I'm not sure what to do. I still have 5 days of antibiotics to go. What do I do?

1) Stop the antibiotics, and try another round of yeast infection medicine after a day or two (to give the antibiotics some time to get out of my system)?

2) Or, suffer through the yeast infection for the next 5 days, and THEN do the yeast infection medicine? The sinus infection has mostly but not totally cleared up, and I know that I should probably finish the course of medicine.

3) Something else?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, because as I said, I have no way to contact my doctor due to the holiday. This doesn't seem major enough to go to the ER.

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HI rivkadr,
Those yeast infections can drive you CRAZY!! I wouldn't stop your antibiotics. Who is taking your doctor's calls while he's gone? All you need is a couple diflucan pills. I think they are just using 1-3 of them to clear a yeast infection.
Someone has to be on call for your doc, and they can easily call in a prescription for you.
Eat LOTS of yogurt and take a probiotic (acidophilus). Good luck!

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The doctor's office won't even be open until Tuesday. I think I can hold out until then -- I just went to the store, and got some anti-itching cream, and some tea-tree oil from the health food store. I've had yeast infections before, but never one this bad -- it's enough to drive me crazy! I'll try the acidophilus -- thanks for the suggestion!

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Your doctors office has to have someone on call and either an answering service to contact the doctor or a machine that answers and provides info about contacting the covering doctor in an emergency.

As for what to use, DO NOT STOP TAKING THE ANTIBIOTIC. That is vitally important to take.

My gyn does not tell his patients to use monistat for fungal infections from antibiotics. He always tells his patients to use clortrimizole and prefers the 7 day dose of cream to the 3 day tablets. It is also known as gynelotromin.
CVS, Walgreens and Brooks have their own brand and the 7 day dose. If you have to use the 3 day you will no doupt need to use two 3 day rounds.
I've never had a problem curing the infection by using the clortrimizole, even on an antibiotic. You can also buy an extra tube of store brand lotrimin for athletes foot to use as a topical treatment added to the insert cream. It's the same thing and works well.

I'm in the same shoes as you right now and am using the Walgreens brand clortrimzole and found relief in less than 24 hours.

Good luck

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Other things that MAY help....THere is a product at Wal=mart that is in the section with the pads and tampons that is organic for Yeast Infections...may help until you can get pills from doctor. Make a solution of vinegar and water, put into squirt bottle (like sports bottle)...after urination, use that on yourself to clean, helps some also. DO NOT use Tea Tree Oil full strength. BTDT, hurts! Put it (DILUTED) on a tampon, insert. Can Help.


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LOL, vickey -- I've BTDT with tea tree oil, too. The health food store had a tea tree oil cream that is working wonders already in just the past few hours. The sense of relief from the itching is wonderful.

littleonefb -- thanks for the tip about clortrimizole; I had the same thought, that maybe monistat just wasn't the right one to use, so I bought a different type of yeast medication while at the store tonight, but it wasn't clortrimizole -- it was the third kind, the one beginning with a T. I'll return that, and try clortrimizole instead.

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The seven day dose is the ONLY method that really accurately gets rid of a yeast infection.All those 1 day and 3 day treatments dont work too well.
Also,try eating some yogurt and/or taking acidophilous which helps balance the yeast/bacteria. Stay away from beer and breads right now,as they dont really help the situation (not that you'd really drink beer while on anti-biotics,but just saying)
It is embarressing,but nothing all women have gone through at one point or another.

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Coolmama, there is a one time pill out now that works WONDERS.


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Just wanted to update anyone that might be interested -- I used the 7-day medication while taking the antibiotics, and it didn't fully clear up the infection; at best, it kept it at bay (although it did greatly resolve the itching and other side effects). I just finished the antibiotics, and am going to do another 7 day round of the medication, in the hopes that this time it will clear it up completely. If it doesn't, I'm going to have to see my doctor for more extreme measures.

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rivkadr, that's exactly what my doc told me to do years ago.
It depends on when you start the 7 day medication, when taking the antibiotic, that can determine if you need 2 rounds.
This time I needed 2 rounds myself because I started on one and then it was switched to a different one. Had 7 days of one and it wasn't doing enough so it was changed to another and had 14 days of the new one. 3 days into the new antibiotic I started having trouble. started the 7 day dose with the same results as you and had to use another 7 days. All is fine after the second 7 day dose.

My doc doesn't like to prescribe the pill unless he really has to because it can be very hard on the stomach and a lot of people can't keep it down.

Godd luck on round 2

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You should take acidophilus tablets and/or eat yogurt made with live cultures (not the sugary stuff thickened with starch) in addition to your other treatment for yeast.

A healthy GI tract has beneficial bacteria that battle yeast organisms. Antibiotics kill all bacteria, even the good ones, and then yeast runs rampant.

Fresh cultured yogurt has the beneficial bacteria you need. Acidophilus tablets are good but may not be full strength if they've been on the shelf for very long.

The antibiotics will still kill off some of the bacteria introduced by the yogurt or pills but they'll at least give your body a fighting chance and will also help to get your system back to normal quickly when you're done with the antibiotics.

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I eat yogurt every day, and have for years :)

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Yes vickey you are right about the pill working.I only meant the 7 day dose is the only creme that worked,cuz the one day and 3 day ones dont really work at all.
Yogurt is great for keeping away yeast infections :)

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Go to your nearest health food store and buy acidophilus tablets. Take at least 2 per day. There are also other similar probiotics available that help. Eat a lot of yoghurt with live cultures every single day. And try not to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Been there, done that....

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One thing that you need to think about is the doctor involved in all of this.

I can't imagine a GOOD doctor that does not have coverage when he/she is not available. I would ask about this at the next visit. If he/she does not have someone, then it is time to get another doctor. There is always the Emergency Room at the nearest hospital, but that's not always the best solution.

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I know this is such an old post, but Agnes' response above makes a good point. I wanted to add that Urgent Care centers are a good option to ERs. They are cheaper in co-pay, the wait can be much shorter, and they can prescribe any meds you need.

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I went online searching for the same problem. I was put on antibiotic drips in the hospital sent home the next day with rxs and immediately got a vaginal yeast infection, as well as a little thrush in my mouth. I have crohns disease and my white blood count was out the roof. I had had a colonoscopy ealier and had cramps and thought I might have had a puncture so they told me to go to the er. I have jotted down some of the things others have commented on and will try some of these instead of monistat. Im waiting until I am done with the rxs. I just clean the area a lot to get relief.

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The one time pill worked for me following surgery.

I don't mess with home remedies. They can kill you simply because you could have a serious problem which could be covered up by something like a yeast infection or indigestion. My friend put off going to doctors, she was dead 4 months after she finally went.

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