meyer lemon overload

sleevendogMarch 13, 2014

And that's a good thing.

I've made,
squash, ginger and meyer lemon soup
white miso, chick pea, tahini, and meyer lemon soup

I've stuffed in roast chicken, rotis lamb, slices on chicken and fish.

Dehydrated slices, and made meyer lemon and rosemary salt. (low and slow drying in the oven)

I sliced off the stem end of one and it is in the freezer...
for grating. I have not tried that before. The skin is so thin i'm thinking the pith will not be bitter like a regular thick skinned lemon?

Using it this weekend in a bread pudding using rustic bread, dried figs, scant few blueberries and dark choc.
(Figgy Duff) -something new so might have to do a trial run.

I know Annie has some from beachlily?

Oh, and super in a cucumber, avocado salad. And made fridge pickles using it instead of regular lemon.

So what other methods for preserving or freezing?

Thinking of a citrus herb butter in some tiny ramekins i never use. I could freeze those. Hmmm.

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beachlily z9a

I freeze the juice in tiny cube trays that take about 3 tsp per cube. Also freeze it in larger containers in 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup amounts. There are 6 whole lemons in the freezer for zest and juicing later. No the zest isn't bitter like other lemons. I give masses of lemons away too. That's how I handle the overwhelming harvest!

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Not fair!!!
That's it, I'm planting a Meyer Lemon tree. I found one at the nursery last year and it was pretty expensive but then so are Meyer Lemons.

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I freeze them whole in separate ziplock bags. They are easy to defrost in the microwave - I zap them at 10 second intervals until slight soft. If I want zest, I do not defrost them before zesting, and the zest is not bitter. I have used the peels when making fig preserves, and I do not throw any part of them away. I have a little over a dozen that are ripe on my tree at the moment, and I will freeze the ones that I will not use right away, but I do not have an overabundance like I did in Venice. The tree I have now is in a wine barrel planter, and it seems to do okay there (better than in the poor soil that I have now), but it might not get quite as large this way.


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Meyer lemon overload?

You will be even more overloaded with Meyer lemon seeds. LOL!

They should come up with seedless Meyer lemon.


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Compared to yuzu lemons, Meyer lemons are practically seedless, at least from the lemons I have in my yard. Yuzu lemons are mostly good for their rind, as they make almost no juice, whereas I get 1/4 cup of juice from one Meyer lemon. I've been putting yuzu rind in some of my soups.


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Great to know! Thanks for that. I'll freeze a few more whole. For zesting and juicing later.
My freezer is thinning as it does every early spring. (full of bread. We bake it, don't eat that much). Even nearly out of my fall lime herb cubes i've been using in soups. So i'll freeze some cubes. I have a strange tray that looks like a bar of bakers choc and freezes in a block of connected tiny cubes if you over-fill. Easy to break off a bit. Will be a nice citrus flavor to early spring garden greens if the weather ever gets with the usual program.
Mine are not that seedy at all. So juicy that the seeds just fall away and not so clingy as with lemons.
I did see a new-kid-on-the-block today. Called a sweet lemon. Very pale thin skin.
Almost white. Did not go there having many meyers i'm enjoying.

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It was a happy day when our Costco started carrying Meyer lemons. We like them salted down for preserved lemons. And marmalade. Shaker lemon pie. And I freeze containers of juice and zest for this killer cheesecake.

I killed the tree The Kid gave me for Mother's Day last year :(

Here is a link that might be useful: Meyer Lemon Cheesecake

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You lucky dog! :) I used to make lemon honey jelly. It was great on crumpets/english muffins, and toast too. Easier than marmalade.

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Laurie, is your lemon honey jelly the "3 ingredient" recipe?

Has anyone ordered a tree online? I called two plant nurserys yesterday, both were sold out of Meyer lemon trees. I hate to order on online but I've got to get the tree in the ground soon.

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I ordered many trees from:

No problems with them. Good plants.

Don't buy trees less than three years old. Older trees give you fruit the first season.

My two Meyer lemons and two yuzu oranges are blossoming like crazy.


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Thanks DC! You and the website answered my questions. The price is good too.

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Four Winds is what i have bookmarked. And yes, get the larger size. I planned to get the three set but the Meyer does better inside for us up north? (from my research)
I might give one a try. My home in winter is sooo dry though. My fig is becoming a beast to drag in and out every year, even on wheels.
Do you have a full sun indoor spot dcarch?

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I just made a meyer lemon Dutch Baby. No sugar, just added nutmeg, vanilla, summer savory and blueberries with some lemon slices, fresh juice all over when out of the oven... ! : )

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Made another Dutch Baby Sunday morning...
Caramelized onion and mushroom. Cubes of roasted bacon, meyer lemon...
Just a bit of nutmeg. Savory, no sugar.

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You can have great success from trees you get online if you buy from a reputable grower who ships them properly. As for the lemon jelly, I don't have the recipe with me or I would have posted it, but I do recall it being very simple and using liquid pectin. I made it into lemon-thyme jelly by immersing a lemon thyme sprig in the jar before sealing. Could do the same thing with a vanilla bean, or lemon balm or lemon verbena sprig. Come to think of it I think I did a batch with Rugosa rose blossoms/petals too. Would have to set for a while for flavor to infuse.

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I plan to order a tree. I have figured out how to give it the best care in my snow-belt Northern climate.
I did freeze a few more thinking how wonderful the flavor will be when my rhubarb comes up.
Ginger, rhubarb, meyer lemon is a good marriage me thinks.

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