It's been so quiet over here.

paulinesMarch 19, 2006

How is everyone doing? I don't want to mention names, as I know I will inadvertently leave someone off - BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! What's going on in your neck of the woods?

I'll begin:

We are still getting our house in order to put on the market. We're doing the work ourselves, so it's a bit slow-going. Also, looking at ranch homes to get an idea of what's out there and pricing. The RE market here is somewhat slow, definitely a buyer's market, so we're hoping to get our home under contract before contracting on another home. I AM looking forward to doing another kitchen, believe it or not!

Still job hunting, too ~ nothing really great has panned out. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and working on my interviewing skills.

DD#1 made Dean's list!!! She's in a dental program, and is flourishing ~ loves the oral surgery externships and next week starts at Mass General Hospital.

DD#2 has finally found a niche (fingers crossed). She is thinking of getting into a program for sound engineering, mixing & producing music. She is finally really excited & motivated about something and that is good. She was severely hearing inpaired up to age 8, had restorative hearing surgery (is in the medical books, in fact), so we just need to confirm with her doctor that she hears 100% in all ranges before she proceeds in this program. Life is funny.

DH is anxiously awaiting nice weather, as his Harley is becoming impatient!

What's doing with you?

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So's my boat!! For the first time Since I've been coming up here (over 20 years), it looks like we'll actually have open water on opening day of fishing season!! I'm psyched!! But in the mean time, working like a crazed dog lately, and for the next couple of weeks so I can open up some time the end of the first week of april, and head down to Orlando for a couple of days for The tile industry's biggest show called Coverings. I wasn't even going to go, but Laticrete is having their 50th anniversary party april 6th down there, and being that my family, especially my grandfather, had alot to do with getting Laticrete off the ground, as well as field testing alot of their products over the years, the family that owns Laticrete asked my sister and me to please come down if at all possible. I've got my tickets, now all I have to do is get enough work done to give myself a few days off!! Heck, even today, I'll be leaving as soon as I'm done in the forums to go grout about 200 feet of tile, and I very rarely do sundays anymore!!

which reminds me-- april 6-8 I'm going to be pretty scarce around here, But I'll tell you all about any new innovations I see that are worth the time, when I get back!

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Well I posted some of my news on the Congrats Ivette thread including a note to you, Pauline.

Right now I'm deeply immersed in 18th century furniture though, in preparation for a final paper in my decorative arts class. It's definitely very "I see dead people" and their bergeres.

Another current educational hazard is my having memorized all the Greek molding types for an exam and can now speak expertly about cornice styles. It is a dubious distinction to even be able to pronounce cyma recta (I bet you have one and this is not a dirty word), I must admit, but hopefully will prove useful off forum. Some day.

I finally bought a sideboard for my kitchen after looking for a long time. So I am taking the plunge and having no table seating in there since we have tables in the 2 adjacent rooms. I will soon live in a home with more TVs than tables, however.

The happy news is that I got a bargain at an auction and that I will have the sideboard painted blue, which I have wanted for a long time but have not previously been able to manage (blue sells for more.) The nickname for my house has now officially been changed from "rug mart" to "wedgewood house" since the blue thing is nearly out of control.

I had a nice trip to LA, with a visit to a cool new chef's supply store where my purchases included a pliers to extract fish bones from fillets, a jar opener and a small tin of Spanish paprika.

Next up is experiments with painting my various pieces of salvaged furniture now that the basement is organized. Fortunately my milk paint samples survived the reno intact.

But to finish school next month I still must do an actual design for a fabric (for another class) so right now I'm on motif overload, looking at things like the pattern on the Pantheon floor and wondering whether it could look good in tropical colors. My textile class teacher is very traditional and does things like have silk curtains interlined and embroidered so I don't know how that sort of thing would go over. But it's just circles and squares and I feel secure about drawing it. But talk about intimidating: a woman in a previous class designed a toile. But I'd need a "scene" for that, like a pastoral. Of what? The Central Park Fountain? Strawberry Field? Times Square?

Lately life has so many sources; so little time!

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Pauline, I've had the same feeling: where has everybody gone? It seems that most of the folks that were here 6 months or a year ago have migrated over to the Cooking Forum, so I've done that, too, although I always check back to see what's going on here.

If anybody here remembers me and my angst last summer, you'll be happy to know that I decided to leave my job, and I'm VERY sure it was the right thing to do! I am eternally grateful to the folks on this forum for helping me to come to that decision. Your opinions and advice made me really work through the issues and open myself to the possibility of changing my life. You wisely counseled that I was not "trapped" unless I allowed myself to be. It was so hard to recognize that the job I had always loved was no longer fulfilling; it was only creating enormous stress, which was causing physical and medical problems. I was working nights and weekends just to keep things afloat, so I had no "life" outside the office. And, since the nature of the job (and my company) had changed so much, it was never going to get any better.

Well, in the past 6 months, I've been recovering from burnout. I've appreciated every opportunity to "smell the roses": going to the art museum and having lunches with friends; catching up on genealogy and connecting with distant relatives; sorting through family photos, cards, and letters; exercising and going for walks; and rediscovering the joys of reading, cooking, and gardening. I've started the dejunking process in preparation for an eventual whole-house remodel. I've also been setting up an office so that I can freelance from home, if and when I'm ready--but so far, I'm "retired."

Again, I am so very thankful to this community of "virtual friends" for your support when I needed it most!


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I have a small business and I fired my full time employee early february; so basicaly I am working all the time and have a few part timers to help out; I discovered he was doing porn chat rooms at work, I suspected it but it took me a while to get proof; I'm finding that it's easier to do everything myself rather than police an incompetent person so it's turned out great.
I found all kinds of filth in our computer files after he left, what a tool.....

I still surf ths in the early morning hours; I can seem to sleep past 5 a.m.

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Bill, knowing how much you love your fishing, that's great news! The trade show sounds really exciting, too. Can't wait to hear about any cool new products ~ will you be able to take some time to do the Disney stuff?

Jane, I did see your note on the other thread and meant to get back to you sooner, sorry. So glad you found your sideboard, sounds like a treasure. DH & I usually do Brimfield at least once a year, and perhaps we can work it out to meet up there. I know you'd like to add to your salvaged furniture collection ;) and maybe luck out and find a platerack (are you still looking for one?). I scored some great silver serving pieces there last year and almost bought a beautiful WI headboard from Art & Architecture, beautiful color & patina to it - dang, got major buyer's regret now. Good luck with your fabric project, I sort of like the idea of a Times Square inspired toile (with a French Art Deco sort of feel to it).

Sue, I do remember that, has it been a year already? I'm so happy that things seemed to have worked out well for you and you are able to regroup and actually breath. Continue to enjoy!

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Mitch, I missed your post, I am so sorry to hear about that, what a jerk! Some people...

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Oh, Pauline, I LOVE your charming home! You should have no problem selling it. Just be sure you get a buyer who appreciates its special character. BTW, have you thought about starting a catering business? You'd be great at it and it would give you an opportunity to marry your culinary skill with your creative flair.

I have been overworking more than usual with a relocation of offices last week and I need to hire 2 more staffers asap. So glad this winter of rampant viruses and flu is ending soon.

We ARE escaping for a long weekend in April to Philly with four other couples that grew up with my DH - same NY neighborhood, born within a year of each other (we call them the Big Chill gang). Haven't been to Philly in a dozen years, so it will be nice to rediscover the cradle of liberty and just get away in general and laugh with friends.

Very Quiet Big News: DD #2 is newly pregnant! We are cautiously optimistic & holding our breaths for a few months, since she has had 2 miscarriages in the last 18 months. If this caper succeeds, it will be GC #1.

Still have a few things to finish in the FR, then on to wreck the master bathroom - ugggh to early morning carpenters and plumbers who displace you for weeks on end.
Gee - Maybe we'll wait another year!

Sue - glad you are bouncing back from that burnout and feeling good about yourself. That is really good to hear.

Mitchdesj: so disappointing when people take advantage of your trust - good you were able to take back control.

Ah, Bill,I wouldn't mind being in Florida today at all. It's been cold and dreary damp here (doesn't Spring start this week!). We'll be eager to hear about the new trends in tiling.

Jane - what stimulating challenges at school! Your head must be swimming with all the obscure design terminology. And yet, what fun you must be having! How about using the Flatiron building with turn of the century street lamps and ladies in bustles and a few carriages?

Hoping you are not burned out, Ivette, where-ever you are.

And Maureen, sending positive thoughts about your DS in harm's way. Hope all is well.

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~ will you be able to take some time to do the Disney stuff?

To give you an idea of how busy I expect to be down there, we were talking over at John Bridge's forum in the Pros hangout, and there was talk of hitting the Kissimee Lakes-- where they just held the Bassmaster Classic-- and I don't even think I'll have time for that, much less going to see a MOUSE!! LMAO

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Yeah, Pauline, WE KNOW WHO WE ARE... I've posted a lot less since my father passed away, partly because it focused a few of my priorities differently, but mostly because I've simply been very busy. (BTW, thanks MTNester, for your offer of help on another thread, it was very kind and I do appreciate it.)

I've acquired a greater sense of purpose since Dad passed away, and feel closer to G-d. I've spent more time doing chesed (acts of kindness). As we all know, there's no shortage of tsuris (troubles) out there, and my family and I are blessed.

Mom has adjusted well. She's coming to visit for 2 weeks this Passover -- Mom hasn't flown in over 35 years!

DH changed jobs and likes the new one -- closer to home and much better benefits. DS#1 will be home for Passover but then goes back to yeshiva in Israel, probably for another year, and then will likely transfer to a Rabbinical school here in the States. DS#2 is happy in 11th grade at his yeshiva and enjoying the avalanche of college mail already accumulating in a large Rubbermaid tote. He wants to continue at the same yeshiva after graduation from high school, and wants to get college credits for post-high school Jewish studies -- he's thinking of becoming an actuary. The college credits in yeshiva can be done, but you have to jump through the right hoops. We'll have to make inquiries for him.

We are finally (Finally! At last! Halleluy-a!) starting our kitchen remodel. DH and I are enrolled in a woodworking class and have started to build the cabinets. Ordering sinks, faucets, windows, hardware. Getting estimates from carpenters on the knocking down/building different walls aspect of the remodel. We probably won't actually knock down any walls until after Passover, but maybe...

I have been doing some freelance kitchen design work, and becoming fairly proficient at 3D CAD drawing. I enjoy it more than my regular graphics work. As soon as I can find some time, I need to advertise.

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Pauline, Annalee, and Ellene, thanks for the kind words! I didn't want to start a new thread just to talk about myself, but I'm glad Pauline gave us all an opportunity to catch up. There are so many more folks I'd love to hear updates from.

Ellene, you're right that profound losses and upheavals really cause us to refocus on what's important. We tend to take our families for granted until something like this happens--it's worth the effort to reconnect before it's too late! I'm glad that you're able to channel your energies into such a creative outlet. Good luck with all your new endeavors!


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AnnaLee(W), Thank you so much for the kind words. Funny, I had given some thought to doing catering again (had a very small biz many years ago), maybe I should reconsider?

We did Philly this summer, stayed at Sofitel and I would recommend it, great location and the beds were wonderful. I'm so glad you are able to escape, enjoy yourself. I'll also join you in the breath holding and send you & your family my hopes & best wishes! (and promise, mums the word)


Ellene, I had sent you an email awhile back, just to say I was thinking of you ~ glad to hear things are ok. It sounds like you are good busy with family, work and things. Take care of yourself, and would love to see some of your design befores & afters.

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Well since you stopped visting the other place, I'll have to say hi to you here...Hi! We're finally starting to build our house and should be doing the foundation in a week or two. Good luck with your house and your job situation!

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Pauline, I've been thinking the same thing. The energy seems to have changed so much. I find myself lurking, but weary to answer the same questions that I was so excited about answering a year ago, or participating in similar discussions but with different people. Thanks for starting this thread. I've been missing hearing from a lot of the "regulars".

I have been dealing with a first grader's homework, trying not to neglect my four year old, and teaching my twins to potty-train and getting them established in their new nursery school. Work is picking up since I changed companies, so glad I can continue to work at home. It's a constant battle to try to keep some semblance of order in my home between the kids, DH and the dog. We are not making enough money to keep up with the mortgage we had to take out to finance our addition. It's a monthly ARM that's interest only, and has me terrified in this financial climate. I have been unable to work out for almost two months after injuring my right elbow somehow. Finally made an appointment to go see an Orthapedic Surgeon this Thursday.

Continue to consider moving to the Research Triangle area in NC. It would be nice to sell this house and get a new one mortgage-free. But I cannot bear the thought of leaving my family and my kitchen! Much less having the kids in new schools and having to meet new people and learn a new area and way of life.

Been cleaning up our yard, which is full of sycamores and hence, their ever-falling bark and branches, in preparation for the beauty of Spring! Two weekends ago, I single-handedly gathered 30 40-gallon bags of yard debris to take to the dump! Boy, was my body achy. :-) But in a good way.

I was doing South Beach again, but no one would eat my food, so I got tired of cooking multiple meals every meal-time. Now I've fallen off the wagon, and need to get back on it.

Anyway, I just gave the good and the bad, but I'm happy and generally healthy :-) Time to start taking care of me, now that the twins are out of the house two days a week. It's hard to handle a completely quiet house after 6 years of being home with at least one kid at a time!

Hope more of you check in!


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This is all just so interesting because I've been meaning to start a thread for some time now with the heading being something like "Does anyone feel the same way I do . . ."
and then go on to say that the Forum seems to have lost its' "small-town" feel !! I don't know if it's all the many, many, many more pages that sometimes are just so very hard to weed through. Not complaining, actually, and probably all those many pages would have been nice when we were all actively involved in our remodels, but now -- - I'm a periodic lurker, but sometimes I find it's just way too hard to even attempt to go past page one or two !!!
And the Conversation side -- really does seem like so many of the "oldies" have disappeared !!!! And again, I think that so many pages makes a difference -- maybe progress and new and improved isn't always a good thing !!
It's like we "took really good care" of the posts before -
and with fewer, I think there was actually more responding going on -- Oh, heck, I don't know -- Anyway, glad you started this thread, Pauline !!!

I'm finding it REALLY hard to believe that it's heading towards the end of March already !! It'll be the end of the school year before we know !! It's getting to be college decision time around here !! Yikes !! DS isn't sure what he wants to do -- go away or stay here --
We'll back him 100% whatever he wants to do -- roots and wings and all that stuff, but I'm finding it REALLY hard to think about the empty nest deal !!!!!! As it is now, if DS is out for the evening, DH and I kind of sit around and look at each other or the TV -- and I guess that's a whole other thread !!!! Re-connecting with spouses after the kids leave the nest !!!!!!!

Meanwhile, DS is 100% back to normal after his ulnar nerve transposition surgery in October, and is making up for all those lost months of forced idleness !! He re-landscaped our front yard -- built a pergola off our side sunroom, did woodworking for all his Christmas gifts,is in the process of building a physical therapy table for the local Veterans Hospital --
DS getting back the use of his arm and finally being free of pain, has been the best gift of my life !!!

I'm still trying to get organized in our home, and the remodel has been done for a year now !!!! So pathetic !!!
I'd rather pull weeds anyday than organize and clean house !! I love working in the yard, and have this English Country garden thing going on, so it's really a lot of work to keep up with it all !! But so rewarding and enjoyable !!! The yard work, however, has reminded me bigtime how out of shape I am !! I felt leg muscles that I hadn't felt for ages !!! A good hurt, but oh man !!!
I've been starting a diet each and every day of this new year -- !! and it's just so discouraging and not very fun !!! Decided that I really must get back on the walking thing again -- instead of being a slug for the rest of my life !!! Discipline !! I need discipline !!!

And on that note, guess I'll get going here --

Have really enjoyed all these updates !! Looking forward to even more !!!


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Your timing is perfect. I've been wondering how everyone is, but I check over here and not much posting, so I lurk a bit, check over on Cooking, then slink away...

Lots of changes in the near future for us. As some of you remember, I was asking for input on moving with kids...
Well to update, last month we went up to BC on a fact-finding mission. We all do love it and are putting the wheels in motion to make the move. The biggest hurdle of course is getting the Canadian government to let us in. We've started the application process for Permanent Residency, but that will take at least two years! In the meantime, if anyone has leads on work opportunities that don't need to pay much but do need to provide a work visa, HELP! DH is sending out resumes to all his contacts in the TV/Recording/Film industries.

In the meantime, I've signed on as Creative Director to a startup company. It's part time right now so I can continue my business and they can get further established, but all very exciting. And luckily, I can do my work from anywhere, so no problem with moving for me.

It's been strange looking for houses in Canada and researching the market to sell our home... On the one hand I really hate the idea of leaving the house that's really tailor made for us, but on the other hand, I would love to take on another remodel project! (though DH is definitely NOT looking forward to another one).

Other than that, DS is doing well... being nearly six is a great age. We're all really having alot of fun these days. Still doing lots of kayaking. Getting ready to plant the spring vegetable garden. Trying to get rid of stuff. The usual spring things...


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Oh my gosh it was nice to read the catch ups. I have been SO guilty of neglecting the forums lately. I come in maybe once or twice a week. I 'haven't even had time to check the "Congrats Ivette" thread. Good grief.

So much good news here, (and some bad, Mitch: ew). But it's wonderful to hear how everyone is doing.

I'm well. I'm ashamed to admit that I've gained back almost all the weight I lost, remodeling and eating out. Ugh. We won't go there for now. Eager to get back on the wagon. The remodel is coming along nicely, but slowly. It really is going to be even more beautiful than I thought, I think. But we'll get there someday.

DS is doing really well, and I will be going part time in the fall when he starts elementary school.

Design classes are fun. ALthough I have to write a paper on the melding of cultures after the fall of Rome and how it led to Byzantine design and its effect on future design. Um, what happened to color swatches??? LOL!!

All well here, I've missed you guys.


Paulines: You're selling? What the hell did I miss?

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It's nice to have this catch up thread; hopefully others will chime in. So many members have migrated elsewhere but the other place freezes my screen so I can't get used to it.
Since I have less time than before, the slower pace is fine with me.

I'm heading out to Florida saturday for a week of r&r, golf, spa, etc.. Weather in montreal is still so winterish, we have some light snow this morning as I write. yuck.

roccoco, please show us your fabric when you're done !!

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Can someone please tell me by email where the other place is?

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Sue, you are so welcome, and I'm glad we have the chance to catch up, too

Av, Hi to you, too. You must be overjoyed that your vision is finally being realized. See below re' 'other place'-lol and don't be a stranger!

proudmamato4, omg, I hope you eat your Wheaties-lol, you have so much going on! I can relate to what you are going through. One of the reasons we are downsizing is the costs to maintain this home. My electric bill has literally tripled and heating costs doubled. I, too am terrified. I think the days of 'bigger is better' in homes will eventually subside and more folks will return to more customized smaller homes. We are on the lookout for a ranch and I'm looking forward to one floor living. Please stay well and I hope your Drs. appointment goes well and it's nothing too serious.

Chris, good to hear from you! I agree, the Forum has lost some of it's charm and appeal - it's like the flood gates have opened. So glad DS is back to normal, it must be such a relief to you. Can you share with me some of that discipline (when you get it), please-lol

Ann, wow, Creative Director, very cool! I do hope one of our Canadian friends can help your DH out with leads and such. Have you read A.A. Milnes (Winnie the Pooh guy) "Now We Are Six"? It's a book of poetry that I think you'd enjoy, check it out~ Stay well and best of luck to you and your family in your upcoming endeavors!

Ivette, missed you too!!! LOL @ school papers instead of color swatches! Take good care and can't wait to see pics! PS-Have you spoken to Pamela at all?

Mitch, have a wonderful time in Fla.!

The other place is BAHRR, it's a forum started by folks that used to hang out/still hang(?) at the Building Forum. It's a fabulous resource for those thinking of building a house as the folks there are very knowledgeable. There was just not enough time in the day for me to get over there often and then I felt guilty about being remiss and stopped going altogether - me bad!

I'm having computer troubles (again!), so please forgive me if I don't post, just means I'm without service.

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How nice to hear what everyone is up to! Things just haven't been the same here lately...

We're in the middle of our 'small addition' - a bump-out and conversion of one bedroom and bath into two bedrooms and two baths, so I'm over in Baths a lot. On the family front, my human children are doing well, but the doggy children are up to no good. Doggy boot camp has already started at home, and the professionals kick in next week. I'm hopeful we can have a happy ending, but it'll take work.

On the personal front, I've been seeing a great endochrinologist lately trying to get my 'mojo' back, and it looks like there really is a hormone imbalance that can be fixed. Once the drugs kick in, I'm supposed to have more energy, more uh, 'interest' and lose weight more easily. Won't that be a nice combination?! I've decided to make this my official 'turning point' (I badly needed one!) and have started walking again and will go back to Weight Watchers on Monday...

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Hey Sweeby!

I hear you about mojo! If you are looking for a weight loss buddy, give me a holler. I need to get going (bikini season is almost upon us- yea, right-lol).

Glad the kiddies are ok and good luck with boot camp-lol!

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Hi Paulines -- I *am* looking for a weight loss buddy. The thought of appearing anywhere in a bikini is, well, unthinkable... Actually, at this point, even shorts are totally off limits and even a scale is scary...

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I need a weight loss buddy that will hound my fanny if I don't show up! I'm horrible. I need major encouragement.

Since the lawsuit was settled literally New Year's Eve, my mother has been in the hospital twice, nearly dying both times. She was so weak she had to go into an assisted care facility for a three weeks rehabilitation. She came home about 10 days ago. I'm slap worn out from running from hospital to hospital, helping Dad, trying to ride herd on things here, too.

On top of all of this, we had a visitation of borers that turned into an infestation. We had to have over 65 trees removed from our property. Most ALL trees around our house are gone with only the lot perimeter still having trees. (1.5 acre lot). Since the trees are gone, some probably 200 years old or so, we had huge holes and new drainage problems. THEN our brand new septic tank started having issues. Turned out our water softener drained on top of the septic system and eventually the water caused the dirt to fall into the chambers blocking them causing serious blow holes in the top of our mound. Solution? Dig up that $6,000 system, clean out the chambers, enlarge the mound twice the size, then run all new underground SUDS system to get all water away from out house. Every downspout, water softener now runs to ditches to the creek. The ground is getting read to be regraded, then ALL new landscaping, and sod. I also had a new brick patio laid (another problem that I'm having to work on....brick salesman misrepresented the product and now the brick needs to be stained to blend in with my house. We had a hot tub made and installed this week...well, it will be operational in a week or so. We had an 'L' shaped trellis and pergola made around the tub. It turned out so nice. I can't wait to get busy.

I've also gotten all of the doors for my kitchen stripped now. I need to get them detailed, sanded, then painted. The pollen's too bad to deal with right now so it will be another month or so.

Somewhere in all this mess, I am trying to get my house together, but I'm too doggone tired. If I could get some of this weight off, I'd be feel so much better.

That's my story. OH...I fogot: I've had my hands full with kids: two teens and two adults...all living here. No one wants to leave home. I wonder why?

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Sent you an email.

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I'd be in for the weight loss buddy support group !! I'm really getting tired of starting a diet every morning, only to totally lost any control I had at all-- in the evening, and totally blow my entire day of being good ! Case in point, just last evening -- a neighbor brought over a bag of avocados and said they were the perfect ripeness for guacamole, so I should make up the guac. right away !! Okay, so I did -- telling myself I wouldn't have any. But, had to test it of course to make sure the seasonings were right, then DH gets home and says what a good batch it is, and well, the rest if history -- Could not stop with one chip !! So, then I figured, what the heck, I blew the diet AGAIN, so might as well eat what I want, then start it all over again the morning. I'm pretty much disgusted with my lack of self-control !!
Lost 30 pounds three years ago on the Atkins diet -
felt great, but actually got too thin. Now, I've gained it all back -- it was a gradual process, but it's all there !! And now, I'm three years older, three years older sluggy metabolism, -- doesn't come off as easily.
I REFUSE to buy any new clothes until I drop some lbs., but here we're coming into Spring, and the jogging outfits (and I add, jogging refers not to the activity !) just won't hack it for warm weather !! DH and DS have such total control and don't eat junk, so guess who does???
Can't go to waste, that pie I made for them !! I don't want to look matronly !! and I feel I'm heading down that road !!!!! There's only so much a perky haircut can do !!!
So, okay, I'm in need of weight loss buddies chastising me for my lack of self-control !!!! I know there's a fitness thread, but I've looked at it now and then, and it seems like a lot of it is about working out at the gym activity, and even though I have a gym membership, I'm not the gymmie type of person -- Walking is good if I'd just get out and do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I keep telling myself if I can just stick to Atkins for about three weeks, then move onto to something like Weight Watchers sans any bread/pasta carbs. Basically I need to drop about 20 lbs, plus firm it all up !! Just can't seem to get motivated on a continuing basis !!!! Maybe if I went to bed at 5:00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sherilynn & Chris ~
Join us at Sweeby's Mojo motivational weight loss/feel better/get beautiful camp, please!


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Pauline, I never got your e-mail -- probably ended up in my spam folder.

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Hi everyone. I've been too tired to do anything but lurk lately because of a respiratory infection, but I wanted to check in. Let me just say Sweeby, I hope you get your mojo back soon. I've been workin' on that since I found out I had Type II diabetes last fall, and all I can say is it's a process! I know kitchen remodeling kicked me right over that edge and I kept on falling. The good thing is I finally realized something was wrong when my energy never came back, and walking myself across the street seemed like a major ordeal. Many things in my life suddenly started to make sense.

You all can count me in as a weight loss buddy, please. I made a commitment to better health and bought a treadmill in December and have been slowly working up to some energy and feeling better. After jumping a huge hurdle in clearing space for this piece and giving it a place in the valuable real estate I call my home, I'm down 23 pounds. I really need to keep on going. I'm learning about little meals, how often to eat and what raises blood sugar (which isn't very much sometimes!) All those words like ''moderation'' and ''portion control'' are finally being applied in a major lifestyle change. I feel kind of stupid for letting my body get to that point, but I also knew that it was hard to make a change because I didn't ''have to''. (DUH.) From my perspective, I'd like to say it's good to make the choice, before it's made for you. The good news in all this is if I had to contract a disease, at least it's something I can control with diet and exercise. I finally made the exercise connection as it relates to diabetes and can say I actually get it now.

Thanks for starting this thread Pauline; I've missed you guys!

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ellene613, as long as you're ok!

Luna ~ I'm so sorry to hear of your illness. I don't want to sound like I'm lecturing you, but please take good care of yourself, especially when it comes to eating properly and getting appropriate rest. I'm so glad you are joining our feel-better camp and congrats on losing those 23 pounds (that's awesome)!

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I've been as scarce as everyone else these past months. We've been caring for my post-op elderly mother, now in a rehab hospital, and trying to keep my father (never been alone for more than 30 minutes in his whole life) from feeling as if he's been set adrift on a raft in the ocean.

When all gets overwhelming, we escape to our second home in WV, as well as other travel destinations. Just got back from Charleston SC and the House and Garden Tours. Drool. We're 50-yr. old retirees trying to figure out just how much we can travel before the budget runs out.

Since the kitchen re-do, we've done the dining room and the downstairs bathroom. We have tons more to do in our 1770s house, but just now we're back on Stage 2 in the garden.

DH and son are Revolutionary War reenactors, and this weekend, will begin fighting the war all over again. DDIL and I will go and cheerlead.

Missing you all--wish we could get together again, adding in the people who couldn't make it the first time.

Wow, Sheri and've been going through a lot. Pauline, I understand your concern about escalating ownership costs. Claire, Chris, Sweeby and Nancy--your health is the most important thing of all. (Wow, Claire, I am ready to get a treadmill.) Let us know how you all are doing as you battle these things. AnnaLee--a grandchild! I'm so envious. Your DD is in my prayers. Ann--glad you are close to your dream location! And congrats on the new job. Ivette--don't despair about the extra pounds. It's virtually impossibe to diet going through a whole-house remodel with a temp. kitchen.

Take care, friends.

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Don't think I posted enough to be remembered, but I sure do remember you all and the help I received during our kitchen re-do.( we finished just before Xmas) I loved not just the good input, but the friendly feeling this forum many truly kind people. I mostly lurk only occasionally these days, just looking for familier names. I've always been something of an onlooker here, but have all the while harbored fond feelings for all of you:>)...well, most of you, anyway :>O :>) And as for the diet/health thing: You can sign me up for the WGWTKO group, fer sure:>( Nice to "hear" from old 'friends'. LC

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Hi everyone,
I've been doing a little posting and lurking too, and wondering where all of the familiar names went on the forum. Nice to get caught up!

We're about to start on the bathroom project, and hopefully, complete it fairly soon. DH is OK, kids and grandkids OK, furkids OK, me? Well...

My job is pretty stressful most of the time, and particularly stressful right now...I'm kind of on the burned out side really. Sometimes I just want a nice, simple job at a marshmallow factory counting MTNester, your post really rang true for me, as I think I may be aproaching burnout myself, and now it seems that I'm having physical problems associated with my job stress too. Congratulations on making such a big change - I'm so happy to know that your decision worked out in a very positive way for you.

Went to the doctor yesterday for a sinus infection and he gave me a blood sugar test. They have to do more extensive testing, but my blood sugar was too high and he thinks I may have diabetes, especially since my mother has it too.

Claire de Luna, I'd love to hear more about how your'e managing the challenges of diabetes...are there forums that you've found for support and discussion? I've got to loose a lot of weight as well as de-stress (I'm a major stress eater), so please count me in as a weight loss buddy too.

On a fun note, I've taken up quilting a little. I'm having a great time with it, and have already made a few small quilts for the grandkids. I love doing crafts of all kinds, and this one is getting a lot of my weekend attention these days.

It's so nice to see all the familiar names again, I hope more keep posting in!
Take care,

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Clara, thank you! If my experience helped you recognize that this is happening to you, too, then maybe you can make some changes before it's too late. I hope you can salvage your job, if it's a rewarding one, and if changes in your work situation are possible. If you DO have diabetes, then getting it under control will be your highest priority. It's a vicious cycle, isn't it? You're feeling a lot of stress at work, so you overeat and gain weight, so your body rebels and breaks down, so you're less able to handle the work stress, and on and on. You need to break the cycle somewhere, and repair the health problems. Then, take a realistic look at your job to see whether you need to make a change there, too--hopefully, when you're feeling better, you'll be able to take the normal pressures in stride, but if there's something inherently wrong with your work conditions (as there was for me), then learning to "de-stress" may not be the total answer. The quilting sounds like such fun! Do you feel more relaxed on the weekends, and does that feeling carry over into the work week? C'mon over to the Mojo thread for encouragement on weight loss and exercise!


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Sue, I'm in hopes that I can salvage my job too, after I get a little more of a handle on what's happening physically. I'm pretty tired at the end of my day, (up at 5:30 am, out by 7:00 am, home often at 7:00 pm or later), and there's not much room left over during the week for anything more than meals and sleep. I'm pretty good at not thinking about work on the weekends, but I'm pretty tired by then too. I read somewhere that when you start getting depressed on Sunday about going to work on Monday, it may be time for a change...and that's kind of where I'm at right now. Sometimes I think if I didn't have to work for the benefits I'd just leave. I'd love nothing better than to be able to stay home, as I'm a homemaker at heart.

The quilting has been fun, and I am relaxing on the weekends, which lasts till about Tuesday morning. I had to dicipline myself though. I had to remind myself a few times that the quilt didn't need to get finished ASAP..this was supposed to be relaxing, not taxing. Once I got that through my head, I relaxed and enjoy it very much. It's funny - I never realized just how much my deadline oriented work habits had bled over into my off-hours life until I found myself trying to "rush" through what was supposed to be a fun and relaxing quilting project to "get it done" by the end of a weekend.

Thanks for letting me vent..

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Pamela, good to hear from you! So sorry to hear about your Mom's surgery and I understand about your Mom/Dad's situation ~ my folks are attached at the hip. I also hope another get-together is in our near future, please take care of theeself.

Hi Leahcate, I remember you! Glad you're still lurking & don't be a stranger!

Hi Clara, I did quilting for awhile. I was a cheat though and machine stitched, don't have the patience for hand stitching. Sorry to hear of the stress that you are under, not fun and especially if it's bad enough to affect your health. Hope to see you at the mojo thread?

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Hi Clara (and Pamela and Leahcate)! I just saw your post. My sister was just here and she quilts (I don't). Quilting is so intricate and detailed that I wouldn't even be able to get started, least of all enjoy it! My hat is off to you for realizing it's supposed to be fun.

Clara, I haven't really found any forums for support, but decided to do what I knew how to do when I was first diagnosed. (There were a few on the cooking forum who helped me out initially.) I jumped immediately into an old Weight Watcher's diet until I got Diabetes nutrition education, along with my blood testing kit. I felt like I was flying blind until I started testing my Blood Glucose (BG), but after that was easily able to see the correlation between what I was eating and how it affected me. What's important are Little Meals, with some protein always included, with definite snacks in-between keep your BG more stable. I've been eating apples with a little peanut butter, or celery with PB or cheese. You'll have to limit your carbs and spread them out throughout the's amazing how many carbs are in a large apple! I started actively reading labels and seeing how much a portion was (much less than I had been enjoying.)

Google Diabetic Gourmet Magazine; there is good information there, and I periodically check to remind myself of how important it is keep tight control of Diabetes. My doctor suggested ''Diabetes for Dummies'' which was very helpful to me. I still pull it out to read when I have a question about something.

There's some good info on the Mojo thread about the Glycemic Index (good carbs that are slower to raise BG), which helped me a lot. The thing you have to do is eat! Then wait two hours before you eat again. If you'd like a support buddy, please e-mail me (My Page) and we'll chat. I know how overwhelming it is at first, but once you push through this and get regulated with meds/diet, you'll have so much energy you'll feel like your old (in my case very old!) self. I'll look forward to hearing from you!

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Clara, I quilt too, all by hand -- a rewarding if time-consuming hobby.

I was just reading all the Passover recipes from last year's thread. Mom is coming for Passover and we're going to make a brisket. Correction: Mom's going to make a brisket and I'll assist and maybe learn how (I've never been good at roasts).

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