Takara(Detox Pads For The Bottom Of Feet)

rosethymeDecember 17, 2007

Does anyone know anything about these pads that detox your body? I'd like to try them but wonder are they safe? You apply them to the bottom of your feet and it supposedly draws the toxins out. They contain tourmaline, vinegars and other things:


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I feel sure that they are safe. They won't do anything for you except cost you money. Toxins, just don't come out through the bottom of the feet. The body simply doesn't work that way!

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Yes, I thought maybe it's just a gimmick. They do seem very popular.

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I saw some of these type thingy's on ebay a couple years ago. Never bot any, but I was curious too, at the time.

Funny thing is that my elderly Mother who is 'a little kinda' into some natural, homeopathic and etc, fwd'd me an e-mail this past Fall saying put Vick's Vaporub on bottom of feet and then place socks on and sleep - to HELP remove toxins. I haven't done THAT either yet! But, I wonder if there is something to this. (I thought I might use big 4" squares of gauze taped to my feet and then socks over.)

Anyway, if I try this, I will go for the Vick's method first. I've seen those pics of ugly greys, greens & purples on those 'day-after' pics...discusting! (I think if I had some of those foot pads, I would want to put a little moisture on them overnight to see if they turn colors-as a test. LOL!)

Obviously, I'm not really motivated to pay for & try these things. However, I DO think there 'might' be something to this. Afterall, some people spend lots of money on their feet whether it be soaking, pedicures, massages, shoes, insoles, etc. And there are even the 'pressure points' on bottoms of our feet that, according to some, when proper message techniques applied, help the whole body function.

But, who doesn't like pampering their feet? I say try it, and if it works...wonderful! Of not, well your feet STILL might feel good. (Just come back to post results! LOL!)

OK, a LOT of people buy vitamins & supplements, etc., and don't really KNOW that they actually work...maybe there's a placebo effect going on? Maybe can be justified by blood & urine tests? MAYBE, it's state of mind. (I take care of myself, therefore, I feel better...and, I AM better.)

I say go for it! It's not like a major expense...is it?!!!
I have a little vaporub left that I've had for years...I will try that first. (altho- I don't know how active the vaporub is at this point! haha)

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Thanks Cathie...you make good points. And I also wondered if heat or moisture from the feet make those pads turn that ugly brownish color. Your Mom's idea of Vick's Vaporub is something to try...and it's much cheaper, lol.

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Had seen those advertisments too and would like to try them but they seem kinda pricey, so I tried the Vicks Vapor last night, put a healthy smear on a piece of gauze, taped it to the bottom of my foot then put socks on, kept them on through out the night and until mid morning.....no sign of anything on the gauze, that is not to say it didn't work in some way it just didn't come out the bottom of my foot lol

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On another message board I read some people say just getting the pads wet will make them turn brown. That doesn't explain why they would get less brown as you used them though - your feet would still be sweating the same.

I'd try the Vicks first. I've also heard of using Vicks on the bottom of the feet when you have a cough.

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Vick's vaporub is not for toxins, it's for colds or congestion. And it works very well, used it on myself and kids for ages.

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Do you really, really think that there is something out there that will remove toxins ( what toxins??) out through the bottom of your feet and the only way anyone knows about it si from some hyperlink someones ent? If you really really believe I have a bridge in Brooklyn I am looking to sell.
Save your money! Drink water!
Linda C

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toxins...meaning floride, chlorine, arsenic & old lace...stuff like that. (and fuzzy brain too)

LindaC is right.
Yes, drink plenty of water, eat well, exercise and learn to do deep breathing -from the gut. This will help the bowels and the all important lymphatic system to do the jobs they are meant to do...naturally. (which is to remove waste and toxins, for example!)

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Hi -
I had seen (I think on 20/20) a couple of weeks ago where they had a segment on the Detox pads. Turns out it's all b/s and they don't do anything as far as any detoxification.

Save your $$. Hope this helps.

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Did you know that your body is a wonderful thing? It came with it's own detoxification system. Your liver and kidneys.

Don't be so quick to believe everything you hear on TV or anywhere else for that matter. Advertisers will tell you anything to get what they want-- your money. You need to want to keep it more than they want to get it.

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The Takara detox foot patch is a breakthrough scientific product. People have sought to uncover secrets to their wellness needs with plant and tree sourced organics for millennia. It will remove toxin without changing diet. Thank you.
Drug Detox

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