Do I have a dislocated thumb?

joe_l514December 8, 2006

Well it happened in gym, we were doing a fitness type activity. We threw fitness balls weighing around 3 lbs. One kid, a jerk, pegged it as fast as he could and it hit my thumb hard.. it hit the palm side of my thumb joint(knuckle)

I think it pushed the bone a little bit. Right now the bone (thumb joint/knuckle) is visibly sticking up higher than the other the other one. At times when I use the bone, it is red and can be a little painful. If I bend it forward or backward too much it can be painful. Side to side isn't any problem and I can move it a good amount but the injury only limited it a little. Please help guys. Much appreciated.

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You would be real smart to go to a doctor or an emergency clinic and have it looked at. If it is dislocated, it needs to be put back in place or your use of it will be permanently hampered.

No one here on the forum can do anything but guess.

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