Mold? What?

brerDecember 27, 2006

Whenever my grown children come home for the holidays, they get sniffy noses, stuffed up sinuses, and sometimes headaches and scratchy throats. We think it must be allergies to the house. But what?

Who do I have come check out the house? Could it be mold? How do I know without ripping the house apart? What agency would I call?

And, maybe since we live near a lake, could it be inevitable and un-fixable? And is this going to cost more than the house is worth. I'm already hyperventelating!



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Dear Brer,

I called the Health Department and they checked the house for mold. I have been told that their method of inspection is not thorough and that there are services out there who can do a more detailed investigation. The Health Dept. may be a place to start and possibly research the internet.

We moved to an older home and I began to have rashes on my neck and itching eyes. The doctor immediately thought, "mold". My symptoms have lessened, but we live in an area that is notorious for moisture.

Good luck to you.

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Is it possible that they have that "let down" effect some people get with time off, and their immune systems just allow them to get sick? Plus, in their travels to your house, they probably come in contact with lots of new germs. I wouldn't just assume its from your house.
Were they ever like this on vacations when they were younger? How do they get to your airplane?

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Do you have things like scented candles around? Or do you use any kind of deodorising sprays? Carpet cleaners? There are a lot of things that could be in your home that upset people that aren't used to them.

And yes, it could be mold. Check out all the other things too. It could even be something simple like old feather cushions on the sofa.

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Maybe try replacing your air filters on your a/c-furnace with one of the premium $15 3M Filtrete pleated filters for allergies/dust/mold.

If that helps maybe then you might look into adding some portable hepa filters for each room too.

I take care of my elderly dad whom has some breathing difficulties. Adding a dehumidifier keeping humidity at 50% and then added air filtering. Both helped him with his breathing instantly. And I've noticed I sleep sounder and get the sniffles temporally now a few minutes after I walk out the door.

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It could be so many things, such as dust mites in pillows. Guest room pillows tend to get old and should be replaced with hypoallergenic ones. I would start there. Do they get symptoms as soon as they come into the house or after they wake up the next morning??

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