Crystal Cabinets vs Rutt Regency vs ArtCraft vs St. Charles

Braque17March 28, 2011

New to the forum -thought I would finally post.

We are beginning to narrow down our search for kitchen cabinets. We are considering Crystal, Rutt Regency, Artcraft and St. Charles cabinetry. I realize these are considered somewhere between mid priced to high end. I am guessing that we are requiring roughly 33 linear square foot of cabinetry -can anyone guess as to ballpark of how much would I be spending?

My inlaws have Crystal and love it -wondering is this lower priced than the other cabinet makers that I mentioned?


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If you haven't already, I suggest posting this on the "Discussions" side of Kitchens. This is the "Conversations" side that's for off-topic discussions. The Discussions side of Kitchens is for on-topic discussions concerning kitchen remodels. You will most likely get many more responses over there.

Good luck!

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I grew up in the kitchen business. My father was an officer and on the board of directors of St Charles, when I was very young. That said, I would like to offer a suggestion. First and foremost, find a talented, meaning creative kitchen designer, who will spend some time with you, along with understanding your lifestyle and tastes, etc. With respect to kitchen cabinetry, a box is a box, is a box, etc. All of the better manufacturers will use similar materials and construction.
Anyone creative can take a cheap cabinet and make a very impressive kitchen. By the same token, the best cabinets in the world can look horrible, if a lot of other details are overlooked in the design. Relationships of door sizes with regard to proportions are important. Use of fillers with overlays to match cabinet doors make a job look more finished. Even little details like returnin toe kicks on the end of cabinet runs and matching the ends of the cabinets to the front make a big difference.
Also an extremely important aspect is the architectural aspect of the design. Could something be changed with the walls or windows to improve the overall design and workflow? How about lighting?
I could go on and on, but in short, spend lots of time and effort to get the design right - you'll be really happy with the results no matter what cabinet you decide on :)

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