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cupofkindnessMarch 17, 2006

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, marking the profound legacy of the patron saint of Ireland. How will you be celebrating this holiday day with your family and friends, if at all? Any special prayers or stories that mark the day in your household? Do you play Celtic music throughout the day? If so, what do you listen to? Make crafts with your children? Drink green beer? What will you serve for dinner? Will you serve corned beef and cabbage (which my Irish mother claims is the food of peasants and that in her home, only the finest foods were served on Saint Patrick's Day, the dinner was a meal comparable to Thanksgiving). I'm planning on green muffins for breakfast, green milkshakes at lunch, and a tossed salad with our cheese pizza for dinner. Thank you in advance for your gracious replies. Don't forget to wear something green today!

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DH and I are going to my father's house. I am sure he will make corned beef with cabbage, potatos and carrots. DH is 100% Irish (I'm more diluted) and he doesn't get into it at all, although I think he will be having green beer for lunch with his (red-deaded) cousin Shaun. Boston is CRAZY on St. Patrick's day. I'm sure the city will be a madhouse tonight. Traffic was very light coming into work because it is a holiday here (they call it Evacuation Day, the day the British left Boston. What a "happy coincidence" that it falls on St. Patrick's Day. Just a coincidence, I'm sure!), so state and city workers have it off.

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Have called my dad's side of the family to wish them a happy St. Paddy's Day, took DS (tanned and handsome in a lime green polo shirt) out to a breakfast of green eggs and fried potatoes and pinched DivaD1 for not wearing green. Tonight will have fish stew and soda bread and go down the street to John Flannery's (a neighbor, not a bar!) for green beer with friends. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all- may you land in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead!

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Perfecting the black and tan pour!!!

Slainte! (=to your health!)

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Tell me, how did the green eggs taste? I'm thinking of Dr. Suess (of course no ham on Friday), but they were delicious? Can you taste the food coloring? It's too late for this year, but I'll give it a try for next year.

We didn't do anything fabulous. I thought of "encouraging" my children to memorize the ancient prayer called "St. Patricks Breastplate" but couldn't do that to my children on a holiday, so we just read it before every meal. The highlight for my family, since a couple of my kids were sick, husband was out of town and we couldn't leave the house, were homemade Shamrock shakes (does McDonalds still sell those?).


How was Boston? And Evacuation Day? Wow! A paid day off for the good civil servants of Boston. That has to move St. Patrick celebrations up a notch or two.


What a fabulous pic. It does look like a perfect pour! Well done!

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Just checking in now. I offered my kids green eggs, but they chose golden grahams. They did take me up on green orange juice (it looked disgusting). Everyone wore their Old Navy St. Patrick's Day shirts I bought them last year. Since my husband doesn't observe no meat on Friday's during lent, I made corned beef with cabbage and carrots (didn't have any potatoes). I wasn't going to have any, actually thawed cod. But it smelled so good, I had to eat some. I will do some penance to make up for it :-)

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Sorry I'm late, but I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Paddy's Day!

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Actually, our archbishop gave a special dispensation allowing meat (corned beef) on Friday because of St. Patrick's Day! He encouraged those who 'indulged' to perform a special act of kindness in the name of St. Patrick.

Cup, the green eggs were OK if you didn't look at them. Of course, anything eaten with fried potatoes is pretty darn good... Green doesn't have the same metallic taste that red food coloring does, to my mind. Ugh, red dye #2- deadly stuff. Like the fried stuff won't do us in! hehehe

Celtic moon- great picture- great pour. I can just see that foam moustache ...perfect!

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We don't do anything special - just dress up like dorks!

Actually my kids' cousins' grandma is from Scotland and they showed up here yesterday with these costumes. The cousins stayed here while their mom and grandma went out and had some fun.

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cupof kindness, I love the Breastplate! Almost wrote out lines of it around my bathroom molding in a celtic script..

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