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katrine822September 21, 2012

This is also posted in 'bathrooms'. It really isn't a flooring issue, more of a walling issue:)

Okay, we are in process of redoing my son's bathroom and using this as an 'audition' of sorts for the GC etc.. for the master bath, kitchen and basement. (I think I am not going to use this particular GC as he really isn't GC'ing IMHO, but that is another story.)

Anyway, the first wall of the tile is going in - 12's with a slate accent strip through the niche. I expressly told the installer that I am a math geek/OCD about symmetry and while I would love to have the accent strip go right in the middle of the niche, my first priority is that I don't have odd little pieces of field tile hither and yon.

We went over the layout - fine. I again reiterated, I do not want smallish pieces of field tile - I want whole pieces wherever possible. So I go back up and find... voila. Small 3/4" strip on the bottom on the niche. ARG!!!

After him telling me numerous time that it just lined up this way with the slate being in the middle - my shennanigans meter started going off. I said if we moved all the field tile up that distance, including the slate mosaic, would that solve the problems? Yes. Wil I have any goofy pieces at the top/bottom? No

He said that he needed to know before it set whether I wanted it taken down or not. I told him absolutely.

My question to you folks - am I being ridiculous? Bill and Mongo I sure could use some input from the pros here. We moved to Chicago from NY and I didn't realize just how spoiled I was with 'my guys' out there.

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Its all in the layout. You have to define the points of interest that are most obvious or most important to you and go from there. You can't always please every conceivable situation. If moving the accent up gives you bigger pieces and doesn't harm some other area, then move it up.

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