Urethane vs Glitsa hardwood finish

margaret21638September 23, 2012

I am planning to either recoat my hardwood floors or sand them down. They are currently finished with Glitsa (Swedish finish) which I have used for decades and 2 houses. I am considering urethane finishes because they are less expensive and less toxic. Does anyone have advice on the differences between finishes? Is Glitsa worth the expense and moving out of the house?

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Glista makes a water bourne finish under the name infinity 2.
I use it on all my floors. Its a great product. Easy to apply.

If you are happy with glista products i would suggest that one.
The downside is it doesnt give it the warmth tone that oil products give you.

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Is there a difference within the Glitsa brand on the gloss of the finish? Our contractor added hardwood on both the main and 2nd floors so both are a blend of old and new oak. Downstairs looks very glossy, and feels smooth like glass. Upstairs looks like a matte finish, and it feels like paper.

And what would the durability difference between the oil base and Infinity 2 once properly cured?

Thank you

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Yes they make different sheens. From a high gloss, semi gloss, satin and matte.

Durability is roughly the same. Although oil is a bit better it all depends on the amount of traffic you have on the floor and your upkeep. If you throw parties with 50 people on a weekly basis and never clean the floor it wont hold up. ( kinda extreme but do you see my point)

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Greg, thank you. I have two teenage boys and our house is often the gathering point. We put in big screen TVs with surround sound, XBox, PS and Nintendos so kids like to spend time here. It helps keep us connected with their friends. But it is kids, and we have 3 dogs. Does that suggest a particular product.

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Keep in mind kids and pets are a finishes worst enemy. Lol. They unfortunately havent engineered a product that will stand up to it.

Scratches are probably going to be your buggest problem so i dont think a two componet urethane is worth it. Although some may disagree. That type is really only good for durability. Will not do any more for scratches.

I think you can do anything you want. Even the two componet finishes (like bona traffic). But the best thing you can do is make sure shoes are not worn inside. The dogs nails are kept trimmed and avoid playing fetch indoors. Along with regular cleanings is about the best you can do.

Another thing is having area rugs in super high traffic areas. Underneath dogs bowls(if stored on floor) and infront of doorways.

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Greg, again thank you. The dog's bowls are in he utility room, safely off the hardwood. We had a room redone from the original finish a couple of months ago. I don't know what they put down, but it has a matte finish that doesn't match the rest of the house which has the high gloss. The contractor won't let me talk to his flooring sub to ask what he used and why the two parts of the house don't match. Both have original old hardwood and new areas. to put a coat of glossy on top of matte and have it look glossy, or is it too late once matte goes down? And if they don't tell us what they use, are any of the different formulations incompatible as a top coat?


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From the prior post, my question was is it possible to put gloss over matte, assuming its a compatible product, and end up with a glossy finish, or will the matte underneath make the results still matte? We really want the visual appearance to match.

Thanks again

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Yes it is possible to put gloss on top of the matte. As long as they put a urethane down and not a wax based product.
If they put a wax based product down you need to either remove that wax or add that exact product. But if your trying to put urethane down. The matte thats on there has to be urethane based b
Id be more concerned that your contractor wont let you talk to the floor guy. Thats strange. Raises eyebrows. At the cery least he should find out from the floor guy what they put down on the last coat.

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Finally got him to bring the floor contractor back to our house to discuss. Between the two of these clowns, they determined in their own minds that we changed our minds from 2 coats to 3 on the ground floor in mid job, they changed up what they put on the 2 nd and 3rd. All Glitsa, that's all he uses. I couldn't get the 2 of them to understand that both floors were completed at the same time, with 2 coats and it was well after that when we asked for the 3rd coat downstairs for additional wear protection.

I tracked all that down and forwarded his change order ($1000) from December. The initial 2 were July 2012 before. They never did match.

Now he says he can put Glitsa in a gloss on top, but that we have to wait a month for the July 2013 rework to cure. He would prefer 6 weeks.

Real, or BS? What do you think?

Again, that you in advance.

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No thats bs. He can add a gloss coat right now. Assuming there isnt any issues that he hasnt told you about. Just given the information i have. He doesnt have to wait to the floor is cured.

Only time you would have to wait for curing is if he was going to add an oil based poly on top of a water bourne urethane.

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If he recommends waiting, you should wait. One finish may be oil based which takes 30 days to cure 100%.

You should also keep in mind that the shinier floor will show more flaws like scratches, dings and wear.

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