Slightly elevated platelets...

shaknzmomDecember 22, 2006

Had blood work done during regular check up. Everything came out good except doc says I have slightly elevated platelets. She didn't give me numbers but said they generally don't worry until they're 2-3 times what they should be....mine are just over normal. Said we'll test again in 6-8 weeks to see if it's changed. In the mean time I sit and worry.....

I have NO idea what this is leading to or what it means. Does anyone out there have this issue? Just need an idea of what this could mean. (I've learned to not do too much research online as you can work yourself into a frenzy with all the info out there!)


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Hi Shaknzmom,

So many times our labs can be a little off and it doesn't mean anything. If you're really worried, you could ask her if you could recheck it now. Lots of times its more of a lab-error. Try not to read anything in to this. The fact that your other labs were normal is a good sign. I know it can be hard not to imagine all sorts of awful things......but try not to. Chances are very good that it meant absolutely nothing.
I think it would be pretty cheap to repeat it soon, so don't hesitate to do that, if it would make you feel better.
One time, my labs showed that I might have something like leukemia. I went to an oncology specialist who was even talking about a bone marrow aspiration. But first he drew the same labs and ran them. We found out that the first lab that ran them had a fridge that was too cold, and that's what made my labs look bad! I was perfectly normal! Try not to worry!

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Thanks Catherinet....

I think I'll give it a couple more weeks then go back in. Cholesterol and blood sugar had both dropped to good levels, so I'm hoping you're right...and it's just a lab thing.


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Do you smoke? from what I understand, smoking can affect your platelet counts.

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