Swimming pools and eczema

Michelle_SDecember 2, 2003

We are getting ready to have a pool installed and are trying to decide between the chlorine and salt water systems. I have mild eczema and would think that the salt water system would be much better.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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do you have a regular dermatologist? He/she might give you some insight as which is the better of the two. You certainly don't want to make things worse for yourself.

good luck

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Michelle,we have a saltwater pool which has a
chlorinater which turns the salt into chlorine
as it passes through the system,if this is what
you had in mind there is still chlorine in the
I have eczema and I can't swim in our pool,but
maybe it wont affect you,can you try a pool at
a friends house before you decide.

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My son has eczema and he swims in our pool. We have an ozone machine and a nature 2 which helps minimize the use of chemicals. He has not had any problems.

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It sounds like you have a very difficult issue on your hands. As many have alluded to already there seems to be an abundance of methods to tackle eczema with some more fruitful than others.

You may have heard of a few natural methods which are starting to become increasingly popular of late, one of which was tried by a family member. We were all really pleased to see very favourable results over a long term and so it�s something I thought I would mention in the hope that you may find it beneficial.

After a lot of internet trawling I came across one site that appears to be a very safe source of reliable information as it provides a comparison and review of natural eczema treatments. I really hope this is somewhat useful!

Best of luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: comparison and review of natural eczema treatments

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