cough remedy .. it helps!

vieja_gwDecember 21, 2008

I got some cough drops called "Fisherman's Friend" at WalMart & I get almost instant relief! It has capsaicin in it (from chile peppers) but is not that 'hot' & it stops the aggravating cough right away. The other over the counter drops are just flavored sweet things that I never found to help at all! I keep a packet of "Fisherman's Friend" by the bedside whenever I'm plagued with those coughs & also in my purse!

Has anyone else tried this?

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I have heard they work, I have never used them but will give them a try next cough!

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I have the flu with cold type symptoms. I wonder if it is carried in stores other than WalMart. I am certainly willing to try it. I so hope to get better in time for Christmas. If snow doesn't keep me from my grandbabies, the flu might. My doctor said that I wouldn't be virus shedding by then so I don't have to worry about making them sick.

I had the flu shot and my husband didn't. HE has been sick for 2 weeks and I for 3 days. We are a the same level of recovery

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I have been using them for about twenty years. Whenever I get the post nasal drip I use them and I can get relief. I use them at night too but I'm always afraid I'll choke on one if I fall asleep but so far so good. lol

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yayagal: Yes, I too am afraid of choking on one & joke (not funny though!) that if I am found dead in bed some morning to make sure someone checks for a coughdrop in my throat! But I take the chance as the cough keeps me awake. So these 'new' (for me) Fisherman's Friend drops have been around for many years? What a well-kept secret for a lot of us 'cause they sure do work! Of course my chile eating addicted husband always says chile (it contains the capsaicin found in the drops) works miracles!

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Just what I need. I'm in the 4th day of a winter cold, and now my stomach muscles hurt from coughing all night!! I'm going to go out and buy some of these today...this stupid cough might last longer than the actual cold!

Thanks for the tip.


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I might add that "Fisherman's Friend" only numbs the throat (the capsaicin in it) & stops the urge to cough & thus lets one get to sleep. It does not do anything for the virus/bacteria that is causing the cough that goes along with the cold.

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