'RingRelief'... anyone try it?

vieja_gwDecember 21, 2008

After taking Lisinapril, I developed ringing in both ears which I had never had before. I went off the drug & ringing stopped but Dr. said it wasn't the drug & to go back on it again. I did, the ringing came back & now for good .. even after quitting the drug a second time & for good! I am certain in my mind that it WAS the Lisinopril despite the Dr. & the drug company's denial!

I saw an ad for "Ring Relief" (also same ad for "Blur Relief") & decided to try the ear drops (bought some at Walgreens). Has anyone tried it & did it get rid of the ringing? If so, how long did it take?

- vieja

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it sounds to me like you have a permanent tinnitis. Mine started when I was 35. It gets louder and more intense in tone if I take any medications. Nothing otc works. There is no cure for it, if you're lucky it was go away with time. You learn to live with it although my sister has gotten it in the past few years and it's driving her insane.

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