100% cotton socks

Nonnie_GADecember 5, 2006

My soon-to-be 94 year old Mother is allergic to synthetics and wants 100% white cotton knee-hi stockings. Does anyone know of a place to find them. They could even be very thin socks as long as they are long and cotton. Help would surely be appreciated.

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Here is one, otherwise try googling 100% cotton socks...knee-hi...knee-highs...stockings, etc always put in the 100%.

Here is a link that might be useful: 100% cotton stockings

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Thanks, Vickey. I did a search on google using the 100% and didn't come up with this one. The price is steep for a single pair but you gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks, again.

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Let me suggest a substitute. Depending on her foot size, go to the the Boy's or Men's department and get her a pair of long tube sox. They don't have a heel so it doesn't matter how her foot fits in them. They are often used in athletics and are usually all cotton.

From a price stand point, it would be well worth trying a pair.

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