nadogirlDecember 18, 2008

Two days ago I was putting on a Christmas pin when I accidentally pushed the pin into my finger, right by my nail. It did not bleed, but did hurt a lot. I didn't think much about it, but last night (24 hours later) my finger started to really ache at the second joint. It hurt to bend it, felt a bit warm, so I thought I must have hit it. The next morning it was swollen through the middle of the finger. Still hurts to bend, and is a bit warm to the touch. Is it an infection? There is no discharge from the puncture site, in fact, all looks well by the puncture site, and I have no red streaks. Any ideas?

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Would be best to have your doctor check it out. Sounds like it could be infected. Infection doesn't necessarily have to begin or show right at the puncture would site.

Try and get in to see your doctor on Friday. Explain the urgency and that it looks like it may be getting badly infected. That should get them to give you an appt right away.

Good luck


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Thanks, I made an appointment for Friday. The receptionist said it was probably best I have it checked out. It doesn't seem to be getting worse (going down my hand) so I hope it is nothing,but it is always best to be sure.

Thanks, I'll let you know what they said.

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Well Friday morning it hadn't gotten any worse. Redness was down, could bend it more, so I canceled my appointment. I must have jammed it, but don't remember doing so (I have a very low tolerance for pain). I'm going to keep an eye on it and go in next week if it worsens. Thanks for your help.

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