restless leg syndrome

rabbit8December 14, 2007

I need some help. I have restless leg syndrome. I just found out about 2 days ago. In 2000 I had my first experence with it and now, december 2007, I've had it twice this week. I hope it doesn't start tonight. Is there anything I can do that will help with this problem. I talked with my doctor about it and he gave me a sample pack of medication called, requip. I took one pill last night and don't really want to take the other one tonight if there is something else I can try first.

Please help.

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I've had RLS for most of my life, as far back as I can remember. In my case, it starts in the late evening after dinner when I sit down to rest, and subsides after I go to bed and fall asleep. It doesn't wake me during the night. I have never taken medication for it, and I don't even plan to.

I've noticed that the less sugar I consume, the less RLS I suffer. If I have a sweet dessert after dinner, I can almost guarantee I'll have restless legs that evening. Eliminating sugar (which includes alcohol) has greatly helped and I am rarely bothered with restless legs anymore. I also exercise a lot, which may also help, but I have noticed that even with plenty of exercise I have restless legs if I consume sugar in the evening (which I rarely do, but I've noticed a correlation every time I do).

Start with your diet and lifestyle in general and try to eat as healthy as possible. I'd make necessary lifestyle changes before I'd start taking medication. Doctors are too quick to prescribe medications for everything under the sun, and too slow to suggest other healthier remedies such as simple lifestyle changes.

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Jenn, I thank you so much for the valuable information. My doctor had given me a sample pack of medication called "Re-
quip". I decided not to take this medication because I did some research on it. I decided to take your advice first.
Also, I noticed when I take a bath it doesn't happen.

Thanks a lot.

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A study just released a few weeks ago has found the cause of RLS is how the body processes iron. I now take an iron pill and a multivitamin and noticed it has lessened and often doesn't happen at all. I agree about the sugar. It definitely sets the RLS off. But for me so do carbohydrates.

I watch what I eat (and fail at that miserably) and take my iron pills and vits and am much much better.

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I didn't catch all the report but there was something about RLS and high blood pressure on the news last night. Maybe you can research that.

A friend of mine who had it used to drink the Tazo tea called CALM each night. She swore it helped her with RLS.

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I thank everyone for information about rls. I need all the help I can get. Thanks nboston and anyone else who is kind enough to send me information.

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