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igloochicMarch 17, 2007

I remember the days when I used to collect glass. I started with antique canning jars, had dozens of them...then I moved to depression glass. Pink and Green mostly, but the occasional pressed piece as well. Then it was venetian glass, beautiful stuff, delicate and each piece individually blown....sigh

Antique jewelry, I have several pieces of it...somewhere. They're in a safe place while we cut holes in the wall where they don't belong, just to see what's behind the drywall.

Now I collect paint. By the pints and gallons. I have more pint size paint samples than Home Depot has 2x4's. Oddly enough, some of the walls in my home look like a patchwork quilt of 4x4 paint samples...quincidence???

I also collect paint brushes. Nothing excites me more than the feel of a professional quality chisel trimmed nylon brush in the palm of my hand. I don't own one brush, I own many brushes, because being the impulsive paint sampler that I am, I can't wait to clean one and let it dry before I dip it in another can of paint to attempt to find the perfect color to go with that danged taupe couch I got on sale at the leather shop 3 years ago.

Thank God wide belts are back in style. I prefer a six loop belt with room for both a caulking gun and a hammer, but in a pinch, you can pair a prada skirt with a 9 loop leather number and pull it off if your pumps aren't too high.

My coffee cups all rest on granite samples. And oddly enough, each coffee cup comes from a home show I attended somewhere, sometime, in search of the perfect scheme to go with a taupe leather couch....

Tools are starting to enter my dreams lately. A neumatic nail gun that won't break a french manicure would be an invention of the gods. Probably more successful than post-it-notes...

I purchased a briefcase of drill bits last week. Does anyone need 30 different phillips heads? I think they're packaging them in larger packages just to save me time to collect....

Sinks...I have five sinks sitting in the living room. We used to host wine tastings, now I suppose we could host hand washing parties. The faucets are piled next to them...

I'd like to go back to collecting antique jewelry....but I saw the COOLEST FAUCET....oh never mind!

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ROTFL igloochic!

I knew I was in trouble when I asked for power tools for Christmas!

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Funny, funny, funny!!!!!!!!!!!

I seem to be collecting pages printed out from the computer, lots of them from this forum! Info about granite, about lighting, about Miele dishwashers....Of course, do I look at those pages (or even know where to find them in this mess) before or when the work is actually being done? Take a guess...LOL!

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Very, very amusing, igloochic! Thanks for making me smile! You should send this piece to a home-dec or remodel magazine--and copyright it, too.


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Igloochic, you fit right in around here!

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:) Glad to have made people smile. I have had those thoughts rolling around my head for a couple of days now and just had to get them out. For some reason I thought ya'll would understand.

And I asked for power tools for my birthday! I'm actually going to get that darned gun some day.

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Absolutely hilarious, you do have a good sense of humor, thanks for a smile!

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I'd like to go back to collecting antique jewelry...

Man, you and my wife would be two peas in a pod, "yahd salin" up here in Maine!! Now THAT'S a scary thought!! :-)

.I have five sinks sitting in the living room. We used to host wine tastings, now I suppose we could host hand washing parties.

Maybe you could do Prell Parties? :-)

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I guess you're OCD -- Obsessive Collecting Disorder. I wonder if there are any therapists specializing in this? Where to find them? Perhaps in the aisles of Home Depot...

What are you going to do with all the extras you won't be using?

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You and I should start a museum! I must have a hundred boxes divided between 5 rooms in the house full of Lord knows what! The crew has reshuffled so many times, I certainly don't anymore.

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How funny Igloo,

Over on the smaller homes forum we continually talk about downsizing. I thought I was so smart until reading your post. They have no clue how many tools, different paint and ceiling high lumber is in the guest room. And I hadn't thought about it either until your post...not that I don't know the stuff is in there. My table saw has been in the hall alcove for two months and not because it isn't being used. An armoire with drawers and shelves holds as much as I can hide in there. I have no guests....

When my husband was alive he had a 5 car garage with more tools than imagined. I used to joke that we bought a garage with a house. And he was as bad as I was for collecting by using the ole "buy, bring it home, she'll never notice" trick. Women are not the only ones going on mystery shopping trips. And, every Christmas I got two from Victoria Secret and the other a new power tool. My adult son has continued the tradition...but now it is something nice for the house....and another power tool.

By the way, as for a nail gun. I bought one the size of a power stapler for trim work. Had read that it wouldn't do much of anything and only suitable for pine. But this thing works on everything I need, even hard maple trim. It has become one of my most used tools. Son has an air nailer, he can do whatever needs this type of work...I can't even pick that thing up to move it.

Sounds like your'e going to be giving up on the manicure soon too.

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emagineer, do you know the brand of your nail gun? I too have been coveting one. Everytime I see those HGTV programs when they use one I salivate. I haven't gotten one because I keep thinking I wouldn't use it enough to justify the expense. But now you've given me the hope that I can have one that more closely suits my needs.....


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"one from Victoria Secret and the other a new power tool"

Surprised that didn't comment get deleted by the hall monitor! LOL

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Jeesh, I just read your comment "kitchen" about my comment. It was completely innocent, but sure could be taken another way. Glad I wasn't at a party and shared that in person.

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LOL I often wish I would have clipped this thread...but it was so old it disapeared. How on earth did you two dig it up? :oP And where's that nailer from...I still need one LOL

If I wrote this today, I'd have to admit that I now collect the paint by the gallons. I've also developed a bit of a lighting and tile collection, and the grout, geeze the grout I'm collecting (every time I fire a tile guy I get more and more and more left on site). I keep saying "I'll use it at the next house" but my tile guy and the gc are shaking their heads...what on earth kind of house is the next house going to be LOL

I've only purchased a few dozen brushes since I wrote improvement I think :oP

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