has anyone had an infected cyst in the parotid gland

littleonefbDecember 25, 2006

I have had a cyst in my left parotid gland for several years. It varied in size from a marble to a walnut. I had been advised to not worry about it. Several dentists, oral surgeons as well as periodontal have all said it was not from anything inside my mouth.

Suddenly, this past Wednesday, I woke up with the cyst enlarged, swollen side of neck and very painful. By Wednesday, late day, my primary put me on Keflex 500mg 4 times a day and contacted an ENT doc about it. The ENT had my primary order an emergency soft tissue Cat Scan and said I had to be on the keflex for at least 72 hours before they could see me and do anything.

The CT showed massive infection in the cyst in the parotid gland. and given an appointment for Tuesday morning to be seen.

Since starting the Keflex, the swelling and pain has gone down considerably and I'm feeling better. No longer running a low grade fever either, but still don't feel well.

The Keflex and my stomach are not agreeing with each other either, but I can tolerate taking it.

Has anyone had this problem and how was it treated by an ENT. I have not found that much info on line about it. What I have been able to find has indicated that major surgery is needed to remove the cyst, yet my doctor had told me that it is usually drained.

I really don't want to have to have major surgery for this. The complications, from what I've been able to find on line, indicate that nerve damage to the face is possible.

I'm also still recovering from major spinal surgery done a few months ago. I can't lay down on my back for more than a few minutes. It was very difficult to be on my back for about 15 minutes for the CT to be done and I had a great deal of difficulty getting off the table afterwards. Not only that I couldn't stand up straight for a couple of days.

So being on my back for a couple of hours for surgery and afterwards is really frightening to me. I've worked so hard to recover from the spinal surgery and get my life back.

Any info that anyone has would be greatfully appreciated.

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Hi Littleone,
I don't know alot about this but just wanted to say that I'm sorry. You've been through alot lately!
I've had small cysts in my salivary glands, and my ENT just said to ignore them, and they eventually went away. But I definitely never had an infection.
I'm sort of into the habit of seeing a specialist for certain things. I probably would have seen an ENT to start with. Sometimes our regular docs sit too long on things. I'm thinking that once you get the infection gone, you may not need much more.....but I'm no expert. I mostly just wanted to offer you my sympathies on the rough time you've had lately. Hang in there!
P.S. Be sure to eat yogurt and take acidophilus, so you don't end up with alot of diarrhea from the antibiotic.

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I have had a problem with my parotid gland for about a year now. I went to my dentist thinking it was a tooth.I had pain when I ate and drainage from that side of my mouth. I let it go for about 3 months until my cheek swelled and i had severe pain in my ear. He sent me to my family physician who put me on keflex.I was leaving for a trip to jamaica a few days after i started the medication and was in extreme pain. My friends husband is a surgeon and ordered me a stronger antibiotic which took the pain away within 24 hours. When i returned from Jamaica I went to an ENT, he put me on still another antibiotic and sent me for a cat scan. The scan did not show a stone or any blockage. I was good for about a month and then it started draining again. I would get a lump in my cheek when i ate. As long as it would drain I wasn't in too much pain. about a month ago the lump turned into a long hard tube like lump that went from my ear to the gland and then a big lump where the gland is. Again the pain went into my ear. I went back to the ENT who put me on antibiotics once again.The swelling has gone down alot and the pain in my ear is gone but I still get a long lump in my face when I eat. The Doctor said he would send me for another scan but I can't see how that will show anything unless I'm eating while they are scanning. I hate to have to keep going back and fourth to the Doctors office and taking so much medication but I don't have any idea where else to go for help. The last thing I want to do Is have surgery that is if they even find out what is wrong. Let me know how you make out.

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Hi Morgan,

Well I went to the ENT and he believed that this was a cyst in the parotid gland. He did mention surgery, but not now.
The swelling had come down quite a bit in the 5 days I was on the Keflex, but hurt like you know what, if it was touched. So he wanted to drain the cyst and I said fine.

A couple of injections of novacaine and a big syringe to pull out the fluid. Thing is there was no fluid coming out.
All they got was a very small amount of pus that was sent off to the lab. He was very surprised. told me that if the pain got worse, the swelling got worse or I started to run a fever again to call right away.

Went home and by the time I got home it was hurting like crazy again. The pain was worse where the needles went in for the novacaine and the drainage and it was hard as a rock again. Took more keflex and some tylenol and crawled back to bed.

Next day seemed to be a bit better and continued on the antibiotic. By Wednesday night the pain was horrible and the swelling was getting worse. Didn't sleep all night and called the docs office the next morning and told them what was happening and could taste some drainage into my mouth again.
They called me back in about 20 minutes and changed the antibiotic to Augmentum, which is worse on the stomach than the Keflex. told me to start it that evening and take it twice a day. Then find out the doc is away this week, but if it doesn't get better in a few days or gets worse or something to call and I can talk to the doc that is covering.

Well the Augmentum is killing my stomach. I'm either nauseas most of the day or running to the bathroom and you have to take this med after eating a meal or it won't work. You need the food to help absorb the medicine.
The good news is the swelling is almost gone in my neck and that part of me is feeling much better.
The rest of me with the med is feeling horrible, but as long as I can finish the bottle, I'll be happy. Have 7 more days to go to finish as he gave me 14 days worth to take. I just hope that I can continue to finish the meds.

I did have some swelling go into my cheek but that was from the swelling in my neck. I have not had any pain go into my ear though. The ENT did try to see if pressure on the swelling would cause drainage into my mouth. It didn't at the time I saw him but it did the next day. It was off and on.

If I where you, I would get another opinion with another ENT doc. The one you are using doesn't seem to know what is going on. It sure wouldn't hurt to have another opinion since this has been going on for so long for you.

As for surgery, I feel the same way and before I ever consented to surgery I would get at least one other opinion.
Made that mistake a few years ago and had surgery on my arm and have suffered permenent disabilities since and should never have had the surgery. Long story but it was incorrect diagnosis. Would never make the same mistake twice.

Let us...

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