Anyone tried ''6 Week Body Makeover' Diet?

buehlMarch 22, 2010

Has anyone tried the "6 Week Body Makeover" diet? It's the one where they "blueprint your body" by determining metabolism/body type and then tailoring the diet & exercise for what works best for your body/metabolism type.

It sounds intriguing, but I was wondering if it was just hype...

Any thoughts or comments?

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It's all hype. They aren't going to tell you anything that you can't easily figure out on your own, and for free. You can Google those terms and decide where you fit. Then cut down on the calories and increase exercise without spending the money they undoubtedly want to tell you the same thing.

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yup, and i sent it back - no one can eat like that for any length of time. Salt free, no this, no that, eat these combinations, don't eat those.

Simply put, count calories (or WW points) and exercise.

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There was something on the news about a research university (Stanford?) where they found that a large plurality of people diet better on low carbs, and a similar sized percentage diet better on low fats. They have a genetic test for it. It was something like 38% of people for one and 43% for the other. I don't know if that testing is available to the public, though one could try a month of each and see how it goes, but that's the only targeted thing I've heard of with any science behind it. They've also reported that women over 30 need to up their activity level just to maintain their weights rather than lose. (Sigh.)

I agree the tried and true, good nutrition, portion control, and increase activity is the best--though hardest. And getting enough sleep.

The grazing diet makes one a social pariah, but it works for me if I can just bother to do it (and I need to!). Divide your target calorie intake for the day by 5 or 6, and portion your day's food into that sized amounts, putting approximately 3 hours between servings. I've actually eaten more than usual doing this and still lost weight. It makes the people you eat with cranky though.

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Thanks all! I decided against it. I think I'm one that loses weight better on low carbs, so I think I'll just design my own low-carb, gluten-free diet...with exercise, of course!

I did do Atkins once and lost a bit of weight, but it was shortly b/f Christmas and I fell off the diet with all the Christmas cookies, etc.! I never got back to it. I can't do cookies at all now nor can I eat decent bread, so I may have an easier time of it this time.

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Atkins, South Beach etc. only help for the time you're doing it!

Eating properly (the right things), should be a way of life then you won't ever need to diet. Exercise is super important.

Check out Jamie Oliver on how Americans eat. That might give a clue to why so many people (kids as well) have weight problems.

Check out for ideas on healtful eating.

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Actually, I used it, it worked great, I felt great, I learned how to cook healthy food. I loved the meals I prepared. And there's a huge online support forum.

The problem though. After losing 35 pounds in 6 weeks I took a break. I went back to all my old eating habits and couldn't get the motivation to return to it. That was 2 years ago. Really, like any diet, you need the will power not to eat the whole box of Rice Chex (YUM!) LOL!

It is work. You need to learn how to cook. You need to buy healthy food, which costs more than the junk. The thing I like about it is, this is real healthy eating.

I was reading the behind the scenes web page from "The Biggest Loser" tv show, and they mostly follow all the premises behind the 6wkbmo.

Something that I found also works well when I stick to it is just plain old counting calories. I was using the Calorie count web site for that.

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