Need to be your own doctor

d0ugDecember 27, 2012

U.S.A has more doctors per population than any where on earth, they have one of the most advanced medical systems, also the most knowledge on drugs US buy close to half of all drugs produced. U.S.A has the largest number of sick people needing medical attention. More people with have cancer per population than any place on earth also diabetes. Why is it that the U.S population is so sick? A 47% increase in disease and a 300% increase in drug profits. Does that make any sense? It does -- if your goal is to make money at the expense of the sick.
In 1998 an extensive study published in the reputable Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that 106,000 people die each year in American hospitals from medication side effects
The medical system was taken over by the pharmaceutical industry through education and banning, discrediting any competition. According to IMS Health, pharmaceutical companies will bring in $880 billion in global sales in 2011, representing a growth rate of 5-7%. IMS Health studies show that the U.S. remains the largest market in the world for pharmaceuticals with total sales of $330 billion in 2011. The pharmaceutical industry is required by law to make a profit. To make a profit it needs to expand by more people getting sick it can�t expand if people get well. Medical debt is the Number 1 cause of bankruptcy in the good ol' USA.
And, to make matters worse:
Medical debt is also the Number 1 cause of homelessness in the US.
Every time a person is cured it is a costumer lost.
The population of the civilized world is being poison and no one seems to care. Just read your tube of toothpaste and it will tell your that anyone under the age of 6 should not touch and if accidentally swallowed call your doctor or poison control center. This poison is accumulative destroys brain function and causes cancer but they will put it in your water so you can drink in some countries it is in the salt.
Monsanto produced GMO corn / soya that produce its own insecticide. This insecticide is ten times stronger than what you would spray to kill insects. This insecticide burns holes in the digestive system of the insects. Monsanto claims that this insecticide is OK for humans because they did a three month study. I can�t remember reading on a can of fly spray it is good for your food. They told the FDA that they don�t need to do any studies. Studies by independent universities and laboratories over a longer period shows cancer and many abnormalities in test animals. This is the same company that brought us Agent Orange and aspartame.
We are being poison through food additives MSG coloring agents GMOs aspartame high fructose corn syrup and the list goes on and on. Most cause ailments over time some permanent a lot are accumulative so people don�t notices.
Everyone needs to be their own doctor and get the unbiased truth.

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Hate to say it but everyone is going to call you crazy and a radical. Count me in (with you) because I believe we are destroying our food system too. No way I would trust the government to govern what is "safe" to eat. The dollar is the bottom line.
Unfortunately, it is expensive to eat healthy. Trust me, I radically changed my family's diet over the past two years and it is pretty expensive to go organic. We are also making it a point to eat less though. Good quality food is all I want. Also eliminating and rotating foods has gotten rid of my autoimmune symptoms too. My GP and Rheumatologist equate the food change and disappearance of symptoms a lucky break. Really? Because when I slip off a natural, whole foods diet they come back.

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I don't know either way, but I am not wasting one minute of the rest of my life worrying about something I can't change. If we are a nation of sick people my thought would be it is because of the drugs they prescribe for us and the gullible patients who do as their told. If I took everything they think I should take I would be on at least 6 prescriptions. I have a sister whose life revolves around this kind of stuff and she has pushed the family away from her because we are sick of hearing it.

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I started on a course to be my own doctor when I had a problem and the doctors said that it needed 5 operations and no guaranty of success. I walked away and said there must be another way and I will not have the operations. At that time I was on high blood pressure pills weight 240 lbs and felt unhealthy. Five years later I take no prescription drugs I weight 180 lbs my blood pressure is 115/69 and I can run a mile also I am 70 years old. I found all the answers by searching the internet but not on web Md or quackwatch.

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I started when I started to react to my arthritis medication and they want to take a different, yet stronger course, I jumped on natural remedies (which is mostly diet related for me). Emma, there are no worries on my part of making the change, I just did it and am so happy that I did. I do not miss, modified, processed foods at all. I can even have them once in awhile but never as part of my diet plan. Good for you Doug. It feels good to be in charge of your own body. I got most of my answers from the internet too (along with a holistic nutritionist and my food diary.)

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I don't see any crazy here ;) Radical? Why? Because we won't be led like sheep into our graves? Decisions made by WHO(M) for us, whether we like it or not?
It is all MARKETING. The big vaccine hoopla - the meds - it is to make money for the STOCKHOLDERS ONLY. Be it by commercials on tv, or ads you see EVERYWHERE! MONEY MONEY to be made. To pay off the FDA, the AMA, etc. Trust me.

Bush never required the gmo people to test before allowing. Neither is this president. So guess who is the guinea pig? YOU! guess what HIS family eats? ORGANIC. Just like mine.

Gmo is in ALL corn *and corn is fed to cattle to make them fat! Soy. Unless it is organically grown and fermented just pass it up. CANOLA - who in their right mind would even touch this one?

Soon to be rice - cotton - etc. There is NO stopping it. Problems are being seen and they are being hushed.

We can NOT travel by air without molestation. We MUST obey to take a vaccine due to Health care? what? what if we are allergic? What if we give the disease now to someone else since we have been injected with it? Soon all of our rights will be taken, or so it seems.

Be careful out there. Don't be so quick to believe what you are being told. There is google. There is research.

They claim vaccines build up your immunity by giving you either the LIVE or DEAD virus? Well, what is homeopathy then? But each doc will tell you THAT is crazy. Why, because they can't patent it and make billions off our deaths?

Open your eyes, soon. Please. Do NOT accept the MARKETING

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Sigh. I know. I don't know your personal friendship base but doesn't everyone think you are pushing it too far? Because everyone I know thinks I am. They roll their eyes at how I eat and feel it's cruel how I feed my children. It's crazy! I keep my political opinions to myself because they are far off from the company I keep at times and I am not one to debate and because I have a somewhat radical opinion "it is wrong" and they have to tell me so;).

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My urologist had me take a test because there was blood in my urine. I did the test and it was clear, no problem. He said I had two small stones in my right kidney and he said they wouldn't be a problem if I watched my diet. I looked at him and said, "Diet???? If I can't die in my sleep I want to fall face first into a pizza". I thought he would never stop laughing and he told me, "I like your attitude".

I am one that always followed doctor's orders, but not anymore. I will not be poked full of meds that "may" prevent me from having some disease, that I may never have and caused me to outlive my memory. I gained 11 lbs in 6 weeks on beta blockers, blood pressure meds. Two doctors told me beta blockers will not cause you to gain weight. They didn't read the fine print or they were lying to me. I was so mad I called the FDA, when I told the rep there, she just laughed and said I'll pull it up. She said yes Ma'am, they do cause weight gain, 1 to 5% will gain weight. When I told my doctor about the weight gain whe said, "oh, it doesn't cause weight gain." I told her "I called the FDA", then she said only in 1 to 5%", so she lied to me.

Needless to say I found a new doctor who lets me make the decisions about my health care or the lack of it.

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Most doctors do the best they can with the knowledge they have. Most all the medical education is on drugs and nothing more. If the only tool you have is a hammer everything starts to look like a nail. Drugs are good at solving a problem but the side effects are many and if you have a side effect they have another drug for that which has more side effects. This is what the drug companies are banking on you will reach a point that you always need some drug.
Doctors get little to no education on natural medicine, nutrition, acupuncture or electro medicine and if they get interested in helping their patience with anything outside the medical guidelines they get their licence taken away.
It is hard to blame a doctor for not telling you that a 6 volt battery connected to two moist sponges placed on both sides of an infection will kill all bacteria and virus. He won�t tell you that colloidal silver kills most all known viruses and bacteria. He will not tell you about natural herbs that have been curing people for thousands of years. He can tell you if you cure yourself using any of these things he does not want you as a patient

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I love to keep myself healthy. I believe in self maintenance. I don't like spend my dollars on doctors. It better eat healthy, live healthy and keep doctor away. Daily exercise, proper diet are the best major to follow rather than following doctors.

Here is a link that might be useful: ecological packaging

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You said it,..self maintenance!
We can cure allot of things on our own, ..but we have to believe in it and work for it! Being active, eat right, don't smoke and drink excessive, off that couch as much as possible.

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The average couch potato lives longer than his doctor. The people who live the longest in the world all live a long way from doctors and hospitals. The people who claim they are here to help us live longer are not doing well themselves

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My MIL live to be 85 with the last 15 years a couch potato on doctor's orders. She did nothing but cook and wash dishes. Her health was good until the week before she died.

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Surely, there comes a time when some of us have no other option then to hit that couch,...people who are active live a longer healthier life on average.

>>The people who live the longest in the world all live a long way from doctors and hospitalsAgree, not America, ..remote areas and most have a better live stile, less obis and less of a couch potato.

And this happens to be in Japan/China Europe etc.

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Who can you trust it is not the people whom claim to have your health care? 1 FTA is a known strong arm for the drug companies example Vitamin B17 [Laetrile] is banned and they say there is mountains of information that it is bad but when a judge asked to see this information they could not come up with any. Colloidal silver is being banned and by the freedom of information request to the FDA could not find any death or bad side effects. This is just two of many things that would compete with the drug companies so they use gestapo tactics to discourage any one telling you about them. FDA is approving many drug that get pulled of the market two years later after killing hundreds whos side are they on ?

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