Vitamin D and Depression

cube1067December 23, 2008

I am not one of the diagnosed "clinically depressed". Twice in my life I sought psychotherapy, but I never stuck with it because it always seemed like an overindulgence and kind of silly. I was buying someone to listen to me and my problems...buying a friend. Words like "closure" seemed fabricated to support an industry built on angst. But I must admit to feeling down or detached most of my adult life. One therapist, after our first meeting, immediately prescribed Zoloft, which I took for a few months, then stopped cold turkey and dealt with the residual " brain freezing" until the drug left my system.

What I do know is how much more engaged I am in life since I started taking vitamin D. In general , I feel better, less anxious, more centered, more positive about things.

In April, a complete physical showed I was extremely deficient in Vitamin D, so the doc recommended 1000 IUs a day.

I think Vitamin D is making a positive difference in my mental outlook. I did some Internet researching and it is theorized that Vitamin D can do this. I can only offer my anecdotal evidence that it may be true.

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My doctor just raised my Vit. D intake to 2000 units per day. I haven't noticed any change in my mental outlook but then I haven't been having a problem. My pain level though is way down. I have fibromyalgia, so this is a big deal to me.

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If you haven't checked out this link, give it a look. There is a lot of good, basic information about Vitamin D.

I think I need to give it more importance in my diet, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: vitamin D

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My vitamin level was six and dr put me on 54,000 units once a week for two months and now it's in the normal range. I now have to take 2000 units a day. The AMA just changed the values from 1000 to 2000 a day so take the 2000. Yes, I had not been feeling right both mentally and physically and went to my dr. and said "somethings wrong" I already have low thyroid so she checked that and said I'm running a few other tests. Shortly thereafter she called me and say I had a dangerously low vitamin D level and prescribed for me. I can't tell you the difference. Within three weeks the sore muscles and joints left, my brain fog disappeared and I felt happy and productive again. If you're feeling tired or just plain low, get your vitamin D level checked. The main problem is that so many of us use sunscreen that we're not getting the Vitamin D we require. So Cube please take the two thousand a day and your life can be so different. Lots of people feel poorly and think it's their age but it's not.

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Severe deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to rickets, which is a bone disease that could cause bowing of a child's legs, swelling of their wrists and ankles, or poor weight gain. Children with low levels of vitamin D are more likely to suffer from respiratory tract infection. Vitamin D supplementation is important at a very young age, as inadequate vitamin D levels early in life have been associated with an increased risk of autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis, and breathing disorders. Some of the common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in children include weakness, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, dental cavities, swelling, loss of bone and muscle mass.

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A lot of seniors are low in D due to staying inside to much. Most of the D our bodies need comes from the sun, there is very little in food. I take it and I also feel better, had not thought about the depression factor until I read this thread. I believe it does help, something has. As soon as temp drops I will walk more in the sun rather than late evening.

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Some people do not absorb D from the sun. I never knew this. I mistakenly thought I was well supplied in the D area because of how much I'm outside, gardening, walking etc. Doc put me on 2,000 mg / day after blood test revelation.

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I will try taking Vitamin D, I think that would help my depression too, worth a shot!

As another contribution to this conversation, I just started using B12 and holy COW the energy it gives me! I take it when I get up, it is better than an energy drink. I take the Ultimate Sublingual B12 1100mcg from Hi-Health and it has done wonders for my depression and low energy.

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Just to add the conversation: the research says âÂÂIf you suffer from depression, get your 25(OH)D level checked and, if it is lower than 35 ng/mL (87 nM/L), you are vitamin D deficient and should begin treatment.â Here is the link

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I had lap band surgery about a year ago they said vit B12 to stop depression.500 mg

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Please remember to use vit D3, not just D. You make D in the intestinal system, not enough can possibly be made by absorbtion from the sun. Now that we eat so many fast/premade/foods with additives for stabilization/preservatives, our digestive tract does not absorb some nutrients. The gut cannot make some vitamins due to being in a generally unhealthy state.
We are morphing into a different 'animal' with the unhealthy life we live-

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I own my own greenhouse business and I get too much sun during the summer, but I've noticed that during the winter if I go out in the greenhouse and sweep, etc on sunny days when I can wear a tank top and soak up some rays, it really helps with my mood and outlook in general. I think we all need some sunlight each day to be in a good mood. On the cloudy days now and when I can't get out I've been taking calcium with d3 supplements and that seems to help just as well.

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I've heard consuming vitamins are harmful for health.. even it can cause for cancer.. any depth idea??

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I feel very low and lethargic; tired all the time; not feeling very happy. Will try the D3.

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Most often, it's this time of the year, after a winter without getting much light/sun.
Sandy, [above].. got to the point with her greenhouse.
We need more real sunlight.

There was a talk about light, in 1987, Billy Meier & ET Quetzal, scroll down to just below 156 in link.

some of the talk...
through the changed lighting conditions and, thus, through unsuitable, artificial light.
Stomach and intestinal troubles as well as serious stomach and intestinal diseases can be the result, as well as bad depressions and aggressiveness and also dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, and a general functional impairment of the immune system.

Here is a link that might be useful: Contact Notes

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So will just about everything else in our life lately...

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