hedgehoggySeptember 10, 2012

We will be having porcelain tile installed in our new build. Our house is being built on a slab with radiant heating. Our builder has suggested us using Ditra under the tile. We have mentioned this a few times while getting flooring quotes and the salespeople are surprised that the builder is suggesting this for a new build. I would appreciate any opinions on using Ditra. Thank you.

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Ditra is a great product. It "Uncouples" the tile from the substrate. This allows movement of the slab to NOT transmit to the tile above. I might suggest that you go to the Schluter.com site and investigate Ditra. Plenty of videos and information there.

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I love Ditra. Way better (and easier to install) than cement board. And a great technology.

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I have the same question. We are installing tile over Gypcrete with radiant heat. One flooring place insists on Ditra, another would use Mercrete 7000. The extra cost for Ditra is several thousand dollars. Can anyone tell me if it's worth it? My understanding is that it ultimately boils down to the installer. Tile can crack with Ditra as well if it's not done correctly. No system is unconditionally guaranteed to prevent cracks.

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Ditra's about $1.30/sf. It's faster and simpler to install (less labor) than cement board. Unless you're putting in several thousand square feet of tile, it shouldn't be several thousand dollars more than cement board.

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It is quite a bit of tile. I don't know how much but it's over 1000 square feet. The price is $2.50 a square foot. So you're saying a fair price installed is more like $1.30? Is that regional at all? I am in a mid sized Midwestern city.

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Look (sigh) You can do whatever you want. It's your house and your money. Is the Ditra worth it? In my estimation, yes. Does it cost a few more bucks....yes. Do you want this to last more than a year or two? If the answer is YES, then "pony up" for the Ditra. If not, again, your money, but expect to replace the tile every couple of years.

Having said that....you MAY be able to do without it, and it MAY last a good long time. What do you want to gamble?

Choose wisely, Grasshoppah.....

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