clairdo2December 13, 2006

My ring finger has been swelled just at the knuckle for quite awhile.It doesn't hurt but sometimes gets very itchy. Is this artheritis or what else could it be ?

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Are you wearing a ring on that finger? It may be that it's just too tight. Don't wear it for a while and see if it gets better.

However, it's most likely arthritis.

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I am wearing a ring on that finger but it's not too tight. But with the swelling of the knuckle I can't take the ring off.

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It could be that moisture is trapped beneath the ring and that is causing the itching. My wedding band was too tight at one time and I got little water bubbles and after they broke it itched. Have you tried oil or ice to get the ring off? You really need to get it off there. Good luck!

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