Ductless Heat Pump - buy online?

robhanJanuary 12, 2014

Has anyone bought a ductless heat system online and had a local technician do the installation for them? I'm trying to avoid having to buy the system from dealer and paying their markup. From my various quotes, I have a pretty good idea what I need, and I can see that the equipment itself is well under half the cost quoted to me by the HVAC dealer. None of the dealers I've spoken with are willing to just install what I've already purchased online.

Also - would I run into any warranty issues by not buying through a dealer?


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I noticed you droped by only to ask this question but browsing this and other forums will reveal about 75% of plumbing and HVAC contractors are far less capiable than thier prices justify.
What you are running into is the norm albeit out of line as far as price. Based on what I see reported here on GW and other "ask for help",I suggest you look around for a reputable handy man to install it if you can't do it yourself.
The warranty may take a hit but the odds are in your favor when the numbers are crunched. If you can install it,you can aford to buy parts or a new system rather than being bled out at every turn. Did the contractors tell you that if somthing proves defective under warranty,the contractor WILL NOT INSTALL IT CHEAPER THAN IF IT WAS NOT WARRANTY? Didn't think so. The cost of a membership in Angie's List is cheap compared to being ripped of by greedy contractors. There will be some here bawling about what I am saying but you be the judge after browsing as suggested. I don't know how to link the l-o-o-ng thread recently on this very subject so if somone can,I believe it better op reads that than stirring up those who believe diy is stealing from contractors.

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I would love to see that thread also klem1.
There is a certain other board where all the HVAC experts supposedly are that really hammers down on the fact that while they educate the consumer, they will never teach them DIY for free.

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You said, "I would love to see that thread also..."
Huh? Search at the top of this page for Ductless Heat Pump - and go read the long thread.

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