Prevenza Hardwood - Old World Collection

kellyh_2010September 27, 2013

Has anyone used Provenza engineered hardwood? I'm looking specifically at the Old World collection in Weathered Ash but would love any feedback on company and quality as a whole.

I've also looked at Hallmark and Royal Oak but Provenza has the color that best works with the rest of our house. I also love the Du Chateau but have ruled that out due to our active (kids, dogs) and not overly careful lifestyle.


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Hi there,

We put provenza weathered oak in our new custom home by the beach. Now, just one month later, it is splintering at the edges on several planks. Not sure if it was a bad install, our proximity to the beach or what. Thus far, we vacuum everyday & use murphys oil soap a coulple times a week. I was actually googling how best to clean this floor and found your post. The flooring is really beautiful & comes with a 25 yr residential warranty. Hopefully they will replace the damaged planks without a fight. Fingers crossed!

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Thanks Owl, and I'm sorry to hear about your floors. If you get a chance, would you mind posting a picture of your room with the floors. I've been searching but have not seen too many.

Keep me posted about their customer service too! I hope it gets resolved quickly.

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Hi Kellyh, you sent me a message about my floors that we just installed. I absolutely love them and the gal that helped me find them. I tried to send you a private message to call or email me, so we can talk about it more. I'm attaching another picture to remind you what they look like. Let me know if you would still like some information on them.

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Owl19, do you still like your floors? I'm considering the Heirloom collection in London or the Old World collection in Desert Haze. Did you end up replacing the splintered planks?

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