do you sleep soundly all night?

gibby2015March 16, 2007

I don't anymore - an age related thing I guess. What do you think about drugs like Lunesta? A friend of mine in the medical field gave me some samples after I mentioned I get about 4-6 hours of sleep sometimes and it's seriously impacting my ability to function at my job during the day.

This really helped - it was amazing. I'm leary of "sleeping pills" though as well as taking any unnecessary medication as well as any "new" drugs. But this really helped me and other things I've tried really don't help me stay asleep - and once I wake up I sometimes can't get back to sleep for 2-3 hours. No problem on a weekend - I sleep in or take a nap - but during the work week it's terrible. I'm planning to discuss with my doctor in a couple weeks but wondered if other people have this issue and what you think about this stuff.

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It is 3:45 am and I have been up since 2. I will proply fall back to sleep about 5 and I have to get up for work at 6:40. I fell asleep about 12. So I manage to sleep about 3-4 hours a night. You are right about the weekends. You cansleep in. Sort of catch up. I find I forget a lot of things. Even about talking to people a couple of days before. I have to be reminded. I also get irritable and I have to control it because I have to help about 150 people in my school with their computers. I have to be nice and sympathetic. I'm 58 I think. I usually have to go back and count from my birth date I guess it is age related. I just wish I could sleep thru the night If you find a fix let me know. Good luck/

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I sleep soundly for 6 hours, then it's a struggle to sleep more; I usually give up and get up.
It's a vicious circle, if I fall asleep at 10, I'll start waking up at 4.
I try to catch up on weekends and have a nap, then stay up till 11.

how did the lunesta help ? did you sleep for 8 hours straight, do you take the pill before you retire or once you've woken up ?

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Im an early person, mornings are when my thinking is best and get bunches done. Sleeping past 6 would be a miracle and also feel like the day was half gone.

The early rise started years ago when the kids were little, getting up early gave me some personal time til the family was in gear....but I slept well then. I also went to work an hour early to jump the gun on getting things done before employees showed up with their diversions.

Getting through a day with short sleep hours was like moving in snail time and I was aware of mistakes being made which wasn't like me. Nor was not having high energy of norm. I think there are far more people with this problem than shared. The reasons for it are as many also and tough to take on to figure out on our own.

As I got older sleep kept getting shorter, 4 - 6 hours a night. Weekends never changed this, nor did retirement. At one time I did take meds, but they didn't really work for long and wasn't all that comfortable using them. Even considered a clinical research sleep program, but a bit far away to participate. Gave up and decided it was what it was, never really complained much or gone to doctors.

A year ago I was diagnosed with a medical problem which had nothing to do with short sleep hours...I thought. Two weeks ago they started physical therapy for my neck and upper back muscles to increase strength and control. This was the first time I have ever had PT, actually the first in my life with a medical issue.

But, last week I started sleeping a complete night for 8 hours and continue to do so. No meds, no change in habits. It was such a wonderful new experience. I actually woke up surprised. And, considering the timing, am positive the PT is part of resolving this for me.

I'm not saying physical therapy would work for anyone, but do believe there is something going on beyond the norm when we can't sleep. Mine could have been stress (doctors like this term), or stress due to a physical issue and both adding to the sleep problem.

I do think that sleep problems should be looked at....beyond stress and beyond our age. It can take it's toll on other parts of the body and a symptom telling us something else is going on.

Let us know how you are doing....sleepless nights are draining on mind and body.

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Heck no -

Not with all this going on!!! Even if sleepy, I can kick myself into a few more hours of catchup after the dust literally settles. However, that being said, I often curl up on the sofa "for a minute" and sleep the night away!

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I work 7p-7a two days per week and the rest of the week I am in mom and remodel mode with twin 3yr olds. My sleep knows two periods of my life..pre remodel when I would sleep 7 hours on the day between my two night shifts and then flip right back to a "normal" sleep cylcle. No problem...then. NOW I sleep at my next door neighbors, get maybe 4 hours sleep and then back at it. Last week I broke my own personal record. 37 hours awake. It was miserable.

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When I can I take Sonota which will help you fall asleep, but not drug you if you wake up again. It's made for a four hour sleep cycle, verses knocking you down for eight.

I only take it on occasion, but it's much less habit forming than Lunesta or some of the other knock out drugs out there.

My son has a rare syndrome which requires I offer him food every two hours, 24/7. Yup, I'm up every two hours. It sucks, and I have three or four more years of this ahead of me. I only take the Sonota when I have someone to watch him so I can get a four hour stretch (normally on a weekend day).

I have experienced the worst of sleep deprevation issues. It's impossible to lose weight (your metabolism STOPS), your hair can fall out (as my shower drain will attest) and you get to be a bit of a zombie on occasion. It sucks. If you have an option to fix this, with drugs or anything else, do!!! I'd kill for six hours of sleep in a row! I haven't seen 7 for two years.

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I sleep like a rock.

While DH struggles greatly with insomnia.

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Celtic - you mean you sleep like a rock for 7-8 hours straight and never wake up until morning?

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I go to sleep around 12:30 and sometimes wake up at 3am but there's usually an identifiable reason - pain or something on my mind. I sleep until 7am, weekends around 8am. I usually fall asleep very quickly and if I can't get to sleep after 30' I take 2 Benadryl (50 mg). It works and doesn't leave you with a hangover in the morning. I'd try that before a sleeping pill.

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I used to have bad insomnia --- just couldn't fall asleep. This went on 3-4 nights a week for years. I gave up all chocolate and am very careful with the caffeine. Now I generally sleep like a baby. If I even eat 2-3 M&Ms or a chocolate chip cookie past 2:00 in the afternoon, I can't sleep.

Not to sound "know it all-ish" but perhaps try giving up coffee, sodas, sugar, and chocolate. You may be able to sleep again. Of course, for some people, life wouldn't be worth it without chocolate.

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I'm trying a new medicine tonight...Port :oP It may not work (I have to get up every two hours anyhoo) but it sure is lovely...mmmm chocolate...good idea rachel!

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I'm with Celtic. I sleep at least 9 hours every night. No matter when I go to bed or what I eat or drink. And I sleep like a rock. DH says anyone could come in and have a wild party and I would sleep right through it.

If I don't get at least 9 house I just don't feel good. A few years ago I had to stay up all night when my dad had surgery and it took weeks to get over it.

I'm over 60 and I have always required at least 9 hours. My mother told me she worried about it when I was a little girl but the doctor told her that's just how much I needed. I ask my doctor about it once and he told me to count myself lucky and said sleep was good for me.

Sorry I can't help but I understand your concern about sleep medications

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I go to bed about 5 minutes past 11 (unless I fall asleep watching CSI Miami first), fall asleep immediately, and wake up about 6:30 a.m., give or take a few minutes. If I had too much to drink before bed, or if my mouth gets dry, I MAY get up once early morning, but crawl back in two minutes later and wake at my usual time.

Do I qualify for the sleep trials?


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Well this is funny to see...

Fibro has as one of its symptoms sleep interruption (it's like a vicious cycle--you hurt so you can't sleep so you hurt...) I have to take a small dose of a sleeping med to sleep, but sometimes it just doesn't work, like tonight. I hate it and I feel hung over the next morning, without a drop of port into the bargain :(. And I can feel a migraine working its way into my right eye now too.

igloochic, I hear you on the metabolism issue too. It sounds like you *can't* solve your problem wrt the 2 you have to bear the brunt of it yourself usually unless you get someone else to cover? That's just *punishing* and your doctor should be able to help somehow...?

Hope everyone's asleep right now.

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No I sure don't! I'm so tired during the day I just want to crawl under my desk and sleep!

I don't drink soda, coffee, or tea because of the caffiene so the only caffiene I get is from chocolate and I've not had any of it for many days. I still can't sleep.

I'll go for a few days and then I'll take a simply sleep pill-it's the tylenol pm without the tylenol around 7-8 at night because I will sleep all night. Sometimes, I'll try to fall asleep on my own and give up about 12 or 1 am. Then I may just take 1/2 the pill.

I think I always have too much on my mind.

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Yeah Gibby. 8 or 9 hours right through. Maybe once every week or two I'll do the tossing/turning until 3 or 4 if I'm worried or conflicted about something, but that is rare.

DH is pretty jealous.

We are on vacation now and he has sgreed to try skipping the 2am Sonata. He usually can sleep well when away from the enormous stress of his work. The prn Sonata (maybe 4 x week) got him through this past winter without his usual seasonal swing into depression/irritability by February.

I didn't mean to be flippant. I know sleep problems are very, very stressful. And I really am grateful I usually sleep so soundly.

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Gibby, I should have added DH found Lunesta left him feeling more drugged in the AM which is why he prefers the Sonata.

And BTW, he is a VA psychiatrist/administrator (hence his stress), so he has understanding of the risks, etc with these meds. And follows the sleep research closely. BTW, light therapy was usually enough to control his seasonal mood disorder until Iraq, etc. jacked up his stress. If you are wary of pills, maybe consider trying a light box, especially if you have more trouble with sleep in fall/winter than in spring/summer.

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DH is a 9 hour a night sleep maven with much discussion about every detail. Boring but the same every night, which sets my basic patterns. (Same bedtime, quiet, no TV in bedroom, blah, blah, blah.) I'm at home with my sleep routine extras so I'll share.

The physical therapist part for me is key -- I can't sleep when my body is "out of whack". So I sleep with carefully considered king size mattress and many pillows, as recommended by my othopedist and physical therapy, so that I have enough room to keep my body in proper alignment.

Then I learned from a sleep workshop that that I inadvertently happened on that if I (or anyone) cogitates about problems while lying prone, I (or others) need to stop. I do a few meditation breaths and I'm back asleep for a total of 7-8 hours.

If I can't get back to sleep I go in another room and read until I'm ready to sleep.

Plus no coffee after 2:00 pm plus no chocolate after 8:00 pm (even a few m & m's interferes. Sometimes I forget. A convivial brownie at an event intermission and I've lost a good night's sleep.

All that said: when DH is out of town/ kept away like last night because of weather, I break every one of my own rules. Worked late. Inefficient in the mornings. Read a novel till 3:00 am each night and read the paper in bed until a few mintues ago. Now I feel like s____. Strange to admit such self-destructive behavior when I know better but it felt so good to be out the routine for a bit. Nothing human is simple.

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Normally flyleft, dh takes the 4 am shift so I get a little break (and 3 or 4 hours sleep). Problem with me is that I just can't fall right asleep when I hit the sack (I am so jealous of that skill!). I'm normally awake 30 or more mins hoping to fall asleep, and even when I'm exhausted I still take 15 or 20 to drop off.

This week dh is off golfing in California, so I have the full shifts which is always a challenge. We do have a sleep medication that we can give him and I'll do that a couple of nights while dh is gone so I can get a bit of sleep (they last between 4 and 5 hours).

There is a solution, which would be to place a feeding tube in the baby overnight so he could be drip fed all night. We are trying not to do that because it's hard on them developmentally (they have to be attached to an IV pole for six weeks while their body gets used to the tube) and he's had such a difficult time most of his life that I want him to have a break from hospitals.

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One thing to be careful of-- they had a warning on the local news just this past week about some of the newer sleep aids. Seems several people have used these medications only to fnid later that they had "sleep DRIVEN"!! And yes, it's just what it sounds like.

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Interesting....I guess I'm not the only's more of a recent I rapidly approach 50. I used to wake up once in a while and lay awake thinking about things for a couple hours (work mostly). However now I wake up every night 2-3 times. I have no problem getting to sleep - it's just that I wake up after about 4 hours - and then a couple more times after that. It's marginal sleep after 2-3am - until I get up at 6:30 - and I'm one of those 8-9 hour people too.

I had no problems taking Lunesta - I slept soundly for eight hours. I did wake up a couple times but I went right back to sleep. The next day I woke up at the usual time feeling really well rested and felt great all day at work - sharp and alert rather than drowsy and unable to think clearly in the afternoon. I keep thinking it's too good to be true.

I see my insurance company does not have it on their formulary - they only have Ambien (not CR). In reading up on Ambien it is one that is noted for people getting up and driving and eating in the middle of the night. I can just see myself - getting up in the middle of the night and driving to McDonalds for a burger and fries (something I no longer eat but did in the past).

I don't drink coffee or anything with caffeine except in the morning. I could try cutting back on chocolate in the evening - can't imagine that has anything to do with it but worth a try.

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Chocolate has caffeine in it. Some dark chocolate as much as a cup of coffee from what I understand. Check it out!

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doceolatin, duh, I never thought of taking the tylenol p.m. without the tylenol part. We don't have those in Canada so I buy a lot of them when I go to the states. They help a bit.

I agree about the chocolate, it's pure caffeine unfortunately.

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Igloo...that is a tough haul you are on. I hope there is more than one day a week that you have some full nights of help.

Elizabeth...the PT made me realize I definitely had some pain issues. We get older, we work hard all day....short sleep just part of our days. Am not a complainer and when I did say something about not sleeping to the doctory, the response was nothing. Had decided "age" was what it was for pain and sleeping.

Mitchdesi...before sleep resolved itself I found that Tylenol PM worked really well too. A doctor friend told me to just use anything with benedryl in it...which is in most over the counter sleep meds. But for some reason the Tylenol works.

Rachel...I too gave up all caffiene past 10 am, couldn't even get a catchup nap with the stuff.

The sleep trials out are combining some meds with sleep counseling, or just one or the other. They spend so much time and attention to those enrolled, I think they are well worth it. At least in the trials someone is listening.

For those still romping in bed when they should be asleep...hang in there. For those of you sleeping like kittens....envy all around.

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I am not a proponent for taking sleep medication. Anything that changes my brain chemistry is not for me.
There are many reasons that people can't sleep. Cut out caffiene, take a warm bath at night, keep the room cold, don't watch T.V. late or use the computer, etc. Menopause is another factor. There is a menopause forum here that has lots of advice. My mother had Alzheimer's and was up all night and slept all day. The doctor's had her on Ambien which didn't help at all. I took her off of it and gave her Melatonin and she immediately slept through the night. She stayed on the Melatonin. You can also try Valerian root. It is very mild though and will not automatically put you to sleep. I am taking natural Progesterone cream for Menopause and that helps me sleep.
Some nights I sleep all night and some nights I keep waking up. Usually if I go to sleep at the same time every night I'm much better. Being a flight attendant that's hard. Most of my coworkers are on some brand of sleeping pill. They also drink to put them to sleep. I would not do either.

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Three or four years ago, I began to wake up 2x a night and go to the bathroom. I thought it was middle age. Then I found out my older brother had sleep apnea (He did not meet any of the criteria- he was not overwieght, he runs, he does not smoke, etc.) I just knew I also had it. I went to the Doctor and it was really difficult to convince him to give me a sleep study (I am female, I don't fall asleep at work, I am not sleepy all day, not horribly overweight) but they did give me the sleep study I have sleep apnea and now have a cpap. I stopped waking up and going to the bathroom twice a night. That was a side effect of having the cpap. I did not put two and two together for several weeks.

By the way, I did meet many criteria for sleep apnea, just not common ones. I have family members with it ( My younger brother also has it but is undiagnosed), I have had breathing issues as a child, so I was able to convince the Dr. but it wasn't easy.

Anyway another perspective of sleeping.

By the way, I know many many people who need sleeping aids to sleep. I would not judge them and it always surprises me the number of people who go through life like a zombie instead of taking a sleeping aid.

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Theresafic, thank you for your post on sleep apnea. Definitely another possibility.

Organic Donna, you say: "Some nights I sleep all night and some nights I keep waking up. Usually if I go to sleep at the same time every night I'm much better." Sounds like a mild sleep problem, and makes sense that that would respond to Melatonin or Valarian Root. And you are right that careful sleep hygeine - regular bedtime, eliminating caffeine and alcohol, destressing/relaxation - can definitely also help.

But there do exist sleep disorders that won't respond to those measures. DH (who has really bad genetic loading for mood disorders) maintains admirable diet/exercise routines, practices perfect sleep hygeine and has tried everything out there from herbs to accupuncture to self hypnosis/meditation to the light box. On principle he is right there with you saying "I am not a proponent for taking sleep medication. Anything that changes my brain chemistry is not for me." But every autumn, after weeks without sleep, he becomes resigned to pills, while continuing to monitor both the homeopathic and allopathic sleep literature for any new alternatives. (I think the only remedy that might work for him is chucking his stress and moving to the Caribbean.)

Very good advice on this thread and folks should try the measures suggested. But for those zombies who after all that still really, really can't sleep, EVERY night, it might be time to talk with your doctor about a careful trial of pharmeceutical sleep aides.

Gibby, how is it going? Did you give cutting out chocolate a try??

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You mentioned your husband has stress, what kind of stress?

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Donna, it is all work stress, everywhere else we are fine. DH is a VA psychiatrist/administrator responsible for mental health and substance abuse services to veterans. Accountability for inpatient and outpatient programs, hundreds of employees, thousands of returning damaged vets, many posing outreach challenges, all in a strained system. Add in some high profile suicides, politics, lately the press spotlight...a complex administrative job is made more so by the times we are in. His clinical work (half day) is at the inner city homeless vet center.

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Celtic - I'm about the same in spite of eliminating any evening chocolate. I always wake up a couple times but sometimes I go back to sleep quickly so it's not a problem. I'm going to talk to my internist tomorrow about a Lunesta prescription for those times when I have multiple nights in a row where I'm losing several hours of sleep. That's more likely to happen if I do have more stressful things going on at work - that I start thinking about and can't quit. That's really the only time I think I'd use a prescription medication - when lack of sleep starts to impact my ability to function at work.

I've probably had more toxic drugs than anyone - two years of chemo in quanitities intended to bring you to the brink of death (seriously) but not push you over. I have no ill effects twenty five years later - but I'm alive to tell about it which would not have been the case without the massive dose of pharmaceuticals. So I'm inclined to use meds if they can be helpful - though I don't expect to get a prescription to solve every ill. I just try to be judicious in my use since nothing is without risk and/or side effects.

I do know people who suffered needlessly because they didn't want to take a prescription med. You really do need to weigh the pros and cons - risk, side effects, quality of life. I'm all for great quality of life - life's too short not to have quality!!

Oh sorry for going off on that tangent - it's an interesting topic - especially in light of all the phamaceutical ads consumers are subjected to.

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No. I take a series of short naps throughout the night.

I hate it. I used to be able to sleep for HOURS. Not any more.

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I can't even imagine the emotional stress that your husband is under! If he comes home at say 7:oopm and tries to unwind, that's not enough time to leave his day behind him. Could he posssibly plan a massage after work a couple nights a week? He needs to find something to bring his stress level down from his job. I'm sure he has a lot of emotions running through his head at night and that is keeping him awake.
I'm sure he already is well informed about the effects of taking sleeping pills. He really needs to find a way to unwind. I did Kung Fu for many years. Boxing would be a very good stress reliever. Only problem is if you exercise in the evening it tends to keep you awake.
I wish him the best, he sounds like a kind and caring person.

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Thank you for the suggestions and kind thoughts Donna.

I'm afraid DH does all you suggest and more - turkey, green teas, meditation, etc. He gets massages (very helpful), swims and works out at the nearby Y, and is very deep into billiards. We have set up his retreat downstairs with pool and billiard tables, music and two years ago we built a sauna (also very relaxing). Spring will be here soon and that means more daylight, time on the deck and gardens, and biking (pedal and motor) - all also good for clearing the head. One thing that helped was for me to quit my own meat grinder stress job as psychologist managing an urban acute psych detention unit. For 20 years we were both dragging ourselves home late and stressed to the max, then squabbling over chores and errands - no way to live. Now I work part time and handle everything on the home front, insuring we eat well and live calmly. This is working much better!

Believe me, his is primarily a genetic biological problem triggered by stress combined with the too long winters. Spring will be here soon and I know his sleep will improve then.

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gibby, just checking to find out whether the Lunesta is still working for you? Or if you stopped taking it, was it because of something it did to you?

And celtic, every time I read an article about VAs I think of your DH now. I can't imagine the stress.

At least now I've got a diagnosed reason for my interrupted sleep: I'm a crone :) so that's a typical symptom of menopause. Not one I want to continue to live with because it does have zombifying effects. So I'm thinking about the Lunesta, NOT Ambien--Ambien I've heard way too many bad things about. I've tried all the natural aids and efforts. They don't work for me--maybe it's got something to do with fibro wiring? But if your experience continued/continues to be good, gibby, I'll buck up and ask my MD about it...

And Happy Easter/Spring everyone--I'm up this late for a reason: I just finished tiling my bathroom floor!!! (I have the bullnose to do, but the floor is DONE!) Maybe this will be a year of accomplishment after all :)

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Well, I think Lunesta is great but since I just had a few samples I've taken it very sparingly - haven't taken anything for awhile. When I asked my doctor (internist) about this kind of thing she was really opposed to it. And she said all these drugs are the same - she gave me a prescription for Ambien - which I did not fill. I read the inserts for these various drugs and the data does not indicate they're all the same - at least not the data available at this point. So I'm going to bring the presciption back to the next doctor I see - GYN in May - and bring a little more supporting data for Lunesta. It's not on my insurance company's formulary but I would consider paying for it myself since I don't expect to take it all that often. So for now I'm just going natural - which is fine sometimes. Last night I was awake for a couple hours....sometimes I fall right back asleep when I wake up and it's not a problem.

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Hmmm...thanks, gibby. I need some uninterrupted sleep! I've already tried all the usual low-tech ways. I'll see what my MD thinks about things, and share if there's anything useful.

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Have you seen this other related thread?

Here is a link that might be useful: sleep article

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Uninterrupted sleep? Puh-leeze. IÂm 58 and in full-throttle menopause. I canÂt remember yesterday, any yesterday. I took myself off hormones two years ago and havenÂt yet recovered a normal body rhythm. The minute my eyes open I am quite literally unable to lie in bed a second longer. I think thatÂs the most frustrating part.

No matter when I fall asleep, I wake up again in under 30 minutes, fully wide awake. I gotta get out of bed immediately. I stay up for another couple of hours, fall asleep this time for maybe three hours, and then IÂm out of bed again Âtil the next evening. Most days I truly feel like IÂm running on fumes. Worked with my dr. on this to no avail. Very occasionally I can actually stay asleep for about six hours. IÂm thrilled with myself when that happens.

I bore myself when IÂm up alone. ThereÂs only so much entertainment available on tv or the internet. Another menopause-related loss is my ability to read a book. Used to be an avid book reader; now the newspaper is about all I can handle. I think itÂs equally as much a loss of interest as the inability to concentrate for long periods.

Between aging and menopause, I forget so much of what I say or hear, or where I put things (or even if IÂve read things). It is SO frustrating!

I come in to work each morning and most people are clueless about how utterly sapped of rest I am, or how maxxed-out the brain inside my head is. Everyone thinks IÂm this naturally chipper person  but thatÂs what I give them, not what I feel! I save up the little bit of available "RAM" IÂve got inside my head in order to function at work. My husband is kind and loving and laughingly calls me a space cadet. HeÂs my safe port.

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oofasis, I totally understand where you are coming much so that I had to re-read your post to remember what you said...oh yeah, you said you can't remember...I turn 58 on May 22. So.. I hear ya. Sleep has always been a problem but these last couple of years, it has been a major issue. I am sure that menopause and worrying plays a huge part in this. The loss of hormones is key. Knowing and ruminating on how you will feel the next day does not help. No one and nothing I have read has caused me to believe otherwise. It's always "fun" to be one of the older folks at work anyway, and the effects of insomnia night after night only reinforce and highlight that. Not a good thing for those of us who need and like our work.

I know younger people have insomnia, as did I, but I believe it is tolerated better when one is young. I was always able to make it up. Now I am not. I sleep 3-5 interrupted hrs each night now for the last couple of years. If I get the 5, I can function. If I get less, well, you guys know how that feels. Irritable, loss of desire or ability to go beyond the simplest activities, (guess I really don't care what movies are playing after all...a new picture of my great/grand nephew...maybe tomorrow I'll have a look). This is not me. I eat right, I exercise (40 years now) regularly, I weigh 110, take vits and calcium, etc)..I am so very sick of living like this. Drs today don't give a hoot. All they think about is "Herd em in, herd em out." So forget it. They shove prescriptions across the table for Ambien, Lunesta, etc. I try none. Too afraid of having an anxiety episode. I have a restless mind, am a realist and therefore, unfortunately, not a real positive thinker. I am sure none of that helps my sleeplessness. I have taken Klonopin (a benzo) for about 15 yrs at night for help. It takes the edge off but doesn't do a thing to help me sleep thru the night. Certainly I am addicted to. it. My husband and I have both had job losses thru the years due to offshoring and it has taken the starch out of us. We have a 17 year old daughter (our only) and I have done a piss poor job with her due to my personality and mood issues due to menopause and sleeplessness. Can you imagine menopause vs puberty and PMS? It has been rocky. I try but am so tired all the time, I can't give her my best..she has seen ugly sides of me. I am always concerned about health care, money, etc. I used to have so much energy and a better attitude. Now I just feel like a zombie. Sure I feel depressed. I don't get any sleep. OK, I am rambling.
My daughter is here and wants me to come upstairs...It is Mother's Day. It would be nice to have some emotion about it. Thanks to all of you for the suggestions. I have printed a lot of them and won't give up trying.


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serenity, can you try again to find a doctor who could help you ? don't give up the search, you have valid concerns and issues. Averaging 3 hours and rarely 5 is really too little. Good luck in breaking the bad patterns, I'm glad to see you said you won't give up trying, there has to be something out there to help you.

In the meantime, have you tried massage therapy, you need something to relax you and unwind; the effects are temporary but so soothing.

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Wow, I sure do feel for you, serenity. Excuse me if this is rude, but at 110 are you on the shorter side? If you are not short, then you must not eat very much. I know that I cannot sleep on an empty stomach, so is it possible this is affecting you? How about learning how to meditate which pushes uesless worries from your mind? Also, have you ever been to a sleep clinic? What you describe sounds just about impossible to live with to me and I don't know how you function day-to-day. I do so hope you find some help!

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I don't sleep well, haven't in years. I wish I did! Some of it is due to joint pain and allergies, but mostly not being able to relax enough to get drowsy. I've tried various things...Lunesta didn't work much for me. Sometimes I take a muscle relaxant. But usually I just do with very little sleep. We sleep with a fan running (for white noise) and that helps a little.

On the off chance that I do sleep well (1 night in 10 maybe) I wake up feeling like a new person! I remember when our babies were born, in those first few months I'd wake up for a feeding, put the baby down in the bassinet and I swear I was asleep by the time my head hit the pillow. How sweet it was to sleep...I call it the sleep of the dead, ha!
Susan ~

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