From Roger:

bill_vincentFebruary 19, 2007


Sorry to bother you, but someone who I did some work for and knew of the problems I encountered on Garden Web advised me that some people were criticizing me on a kitchen conversation forum, again. I don't want to go back there so I thought I would simply ask you to basically ask those who want to continue this to just leave it rest now.

Enough is enough already.

Sorry I cannot say anymore.

Have a great life Bill and good luck in all that you do.


I'm going to post one reply to this tomorrow afternoon so as to make this scroll off. Other than that, Please just let this scroll off.

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I agree. It's not fair to talk behind jolly's back when he can't reply.

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That's true Donna. Amazing that he was upset that someone was criticising him. I guess the 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' doesn't quite work for Roger?

He sure didn't hold back on those threads that concerned me. Neither did his #1 fan. But, I believe that sometimes some folks "know not what they do" so we must ask that they be pardoned by someone Higher.

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Who had the thread pulled?

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I don't know, but lets let this one die a quick and painless death. Let it drop off the list. He asked me to post this, and I did, and most people have had time to see it.

Now, let it head out.

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