Nafco Permastone vs. Armstrong Alterna LVT

pcwearySeptember 22, 2012

Am I uninformed or being handed a line?

I have just spent weeks into months working with tile samples and finally decided on Nafco Permastone Slate charcoal. An appt. was set up with one of the Nafco dealers in town. I asked for him to bring a sample with him but when he got here, he did not have the sample and said the Permastone wasn't any good. Cheap stuff and then offered me the Armstrong Alterna. When I balked, he said his business only wants to please the customer so he would install anything I want.

So now it is quote time...price for the Permastone and the Alterna were the same. Shouldn't the Alterna be higher? He also told me the Permastone would only last about five years and I would be paying too much for it because it was such cheap stuff and the same price as the Alterna.

Otherwise, he was cordial and his company has a superior rating for service and installation. Is the Nafco junk compared to Alterna?

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We sell a lot of permastone...A lot. We have never had one complaint as of yet and that is the God's Honest Truth. Not one complaint. He may be getting a spiff to sell the Armstrong.

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Spiff? What does that mean?
I got the impression that he was pushing the Alterna because the more
He sold of it, the better price he could give his customer.
Nafco was not apparently playing his game.

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Spiff is a fee paid per box by the manufacturer to salespeople direct in a check or credit card to get them to push their products. I do not let my salespeople participate in these programs for this reason.. He is not getting a price break from Armstrong for quantity. We sell them both. I do not know why he would say the 5 year thing. Neither company in my opinion is great with warranty claims. I would rate tarkett (nafco) a touch better with claims so for him to say the 5 years of life is just bogus. Why do they sell it then if it is junk. Look for another store in my opinion. He is self serving. I really believe that. My associates would never make statements like that. If it is junk, we wont sell it.

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