Stirrups at the OB/GYN - anyone else hate 'em?

alisandeDecember 12, 2003

The design of examining table stirrups is another of those things that should have been reinvented by modern medical science. I can't stand them!

I know part of my problem is that my legs don't bend normally. Although they look normal (more or less :-)), my knees don't bend at the usual angle. As a result, it's almost impossible for me to put my heels in stirrups and maintain the proper position. The other problem is the shape of the stirrups themselves. How uncomfortable can they get??

So glad I didn't need to deal with these things when I gave birth to my babies.


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You are so right Susan. They are very uncomfortable. Especially if you have leg or back problems. But the problem is, I don't know how else they could be designed. They have to be small enough to get out of the way for other exams. Not to mention the fact that you need to be in that position for the doctor to properly obtain the Pap and do the pelvic exam. With the modern medical age, I am waiting for something to replace the Pap itself. I hate em!


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Ok, not to mention that my doc likes to make small talk when I'm in that awkward uncomfortable predicament. "'s the family?" I always growl back, "Make small talk with someone else, wouldja!"

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LOL, Karen...I wish I'd had your attitude way back when as a newlywed I had my first OB/GYN exam. In the middle of it, the doctor started telling me how much he'd enjoyed being at my wedding. There were 12 people at my wedding, and he wasn't one of them. But I was afraid to contradict him!

As for a better design, Kay, what about those things they sometimes use in the delivery room, supports that go under your thighs (or knees?). My first baby was born in a delivery room, and that's what they used. Very comfortable.


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LOL...."scoot down"


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A little further, a liiiiiitle bit further.

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Yes, I was going to say, the only thing worse than your yearly is when you're freaking nine months pregnant trying to get up there! When I had my c-section I had finally managed to get my huge self up on the table in the middle of contractions only to be told to "move way down" since I was practically at the end of the table instead of in the middle! "Uh, I'm over here, honey!" LOL

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Susan, you're right, those stirrups in the delivery room were quite comfortable. Supported your whole leg..kind of a tray that your calves fit right on to. I liked them better too. But I dont think they are something that can be folded back into the table. At the clinic that I work at, the stirrups pull out from the table and fold out to hold the feet. I don't know where they would store the larger ones. I think those are attached to the table during delivery. So they wouldn't be practical in the clinic setting where we see so many patients a day. It sure is a nice thought tho.

Then the doctor says in a sweet voice..."The key to making this exam more comfortable is to just let your legs fall to the sides" YEAH RIGHT!!!! I know my patients would rather kick him in the head when he says that. Some patients you practically need a crow bar to pry their legs open to do the exam. Hahahahaha.

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Hmmm... at that point, the stirrups seem to be the least of my concerns on being uncomfortable! It's that cold metal~~the turn, turn open up that I don't care for. Not to mention the "Just a little snip now" Let's not even mention the plastic one yikes! I have been going for abnormal paps every 3 months so many times ;( the stirrups, I just use to help me scoot....! Maybe it helps to have high arches and I always keep my socks on cause they are so cold!! Ha! but Ouch!

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Since we are on this topic...I don't understand the sex life of an OB/GYN.

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When I was in my early 20's, my OB *asked me out*. ACK!!!

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At my Gyn's office they put little "footies" over the stirups to keep your feet from getting cold.

You can tell my GYN is a Woman!!! LOL

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