Women's Rogaine

zoewolfDecember 4, 2007

I am 53, peri-menopausal and seem to be loosing my hair. In fact I am afraid to wash it now because I think I will loose more hair if I do. Pretty stupid I know.

I am seriously considering purchasing Women's Rogaine, however would like to know if any of you have tried it and what the results were like.

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Based on the comments on this and other boards, I skipped the women's rogaine and went straight to the men's. Actually I bought the Kirkland brand at Costco. I only used it 1 - 2 times a week. It took a long time to see results, but then the results lasted for a long time after I stopped using it. That's logical if you consider the growth pattern of hair. I have just started using it again. My biggest problem is remembering it. I might get the new foam variety which isn't supposed to show so that if I forget to apply it before showering, I can do so after. My hair has lots of body so it doesn't appear to be as thin as it really is, but my part keeps getting wider. Most of my hair loss is at the crown and that is the pattern that is supposed to respond well to rogaine

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