Treating diabetes with Silkie Chickens?

carrie630December 15, 2011

... or Silky chickens... Has anyone ever heard of this? I DO NOT have diabetes but know someone who does and they are going to treat this person with Silkie(or Silky) chickens - I guess eat the meat or the egg of the chicken...

The doctor has recommended it and I looked it up on the net and there is some truth to it... fascinating

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Never heard of it....Interesting! Do you have a link to the site on the Net? I couldn't find one.

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Agnes - If you type "Silkie - Back Yard Chickens... you may find that they say it helps treat diabetes - I don't know how to post a link...

I personally don't have diabetes but through someone else who does know a diabetic, it was mentioned.

Strange, but hopefully there is some truth to it.


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