Help Pneumonia!!

pawprint1December 23, 2003

Anyone had it? They found it in my chest x-ray today.

Right lung, lower lobe. I'm on my 3rd round of

antibiotics. My lung does hurt, and I'm needing more

sleep than normal.

Any suggestions?

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Not a usual here, but just popped in and found your post. Please be very careful with this. Take care of yourself. Rest and be sure to take all of the antibiotics that the doctor gives you.

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Antibiotics will be helpful if you have bacterial pneumonia, and, obviously, you should take them. Antiviral drugs are effective on some viruses, but not most.

But nothing is more important than rest. It shocked me how fatigued I was when I had pneumonia, and how many weeks it lasted. Sleep whenever you can. Tell people you're ill and that you need to take care of yourself. Drink lots and lots of liquids - it's easy to get dehydrated.

One thing that helped me a lot were chest treatments (not sure what they're called). My neighbor, who was a nurse, did them for me, but they're not difficult. I've done them for family members. Lie on your stomach, and have someone tap on your back and shoulders. The person who taught me used a cupped hand. Not hard, but not too soft. You can do this on your front, too, even by yourself. This helped immensely in breaking up all the gunk in my lungs. Oh, and don't try to suppress your coughing - you need it.

Good luck, and I hope you recover soon. Sleep a lot!

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Ok, well here's what I don't understand. My right lung
really hurts, and yes I'm on antibiotics. I'm sleeping
a little more than normal but that's it.

It's not like being sick except I'm tired alot, but I
still leave the house for a short time. I'm getting
cabin fever anyway! And I'm able to go out.

Is this normal? I just don't feel super sick like when
I had the flu and a 103 temp.
And everyone says be careful.
Stupid question, but careful of what?
What don't I know?

Please advise, thanks everyone in advance!!!!!

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Well, it works sort of like this. You have some thick nasty gunk in your lungs. Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs caused by bacteria or viruses. If you don't take your medications and take care of yourself, you will get more and more gunk. At some point, you won't have enough lung left to process oxygen. That's when things get really bad.

Therefore, until all the gunk is gone, and the inflammation is gone, you need to watch yourself. In other words, Be Careful. Don't go around people that might have flu. Don't let yourself get overly tired. You don't need to risk getting a cold virus, or stomach virus or all those other nasties. Your resistance is low and you could catch additional germs. Rest. Drink plenty of fluids. Pamper yourself. Even if you don't feel "sick", take care. You can get very sick quickly.

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