Rash under boobs

minnie_txDecember 26, 2010

Has anyone had this Where the boobs hit the tummy when bra is off I noticed this and have to put folded kleenex under bra to alleviate it Internet said touse a creme which I have and plenty of powder using cornstarch without additives.

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Make sure you dry the area well after a shower, and I personally use deodorant there since I have large breasts that do hang down onto my chest without a bra on.

Otherwise wear a bra as often as possible, and the powder or cornstarch should help.


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I've been having the same problem. Its from sweating, then it causes a fungus. Get some vaginal cream and use that and it will clear it up (like monistate, the cheap stuff is fine). Keep it powered or use some cornstarch.

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I've been doing that Joanne also putting a layer or two of Klenes sheets too.

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