Statin scam

d0ugDecember 1, 2013

Finally the experts that are not own by the drug companies are speaking out on statins.
This was put out by ABC TV out of Australia

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Big Pharma makes and sells drugs.

I have read that 40% of the FDA's budget is filled BY Big Pharma. (The Prescription Drug User Fee Act became a law in 1992)

Profits. Above anything else.

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Evidently the people in charge have reevaluated statins and are suggesting to doctors to prescribe only to those at high risk and at a weaker strength. That was in our local paper.

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Statins are generic. Big pharma is onto new horizons. For prevention of secondary events few CV drugs are as well proven as the statin class of drugs. Not everyone can take them due to side effects and that is a very big limitation. I would agree that overprescribing these drugs is a problem. The benefit of primary CV event prevention without other major risk factors is a dubious reason to prescribe. Furthermore no drug is a substitute for good life style choices like eating well (Mediteranian diet), regular exercise, stress management, sleeping appropriately and smoking cessation. Alas even with these good choices some are doomed by their bad genes and predisposed to CV disease. Statins, anti platelet agents, blood pressure control drugs etc all help ameleriorate risk in combination with lifestyle intervention.

BTW what is wrong with making a profit? Development and clinical costs for a new drug are close to $1 B and the regulatory eats up 1/3rd to 1/2 of the patent life. Profit potential is the only incentive people have to invest in saving our lives, improving our quality of life etc.

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We all make mistakes,...that comes with learning, it's just too bad that allot of lives will be harmed or killed until we get it right.

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"BTW what is wrong with making a profit?"

Nothing as long as it is being done TRUTHFULLY and HONESTLY.

As long as something like response rates aren't tampered with. *To make the drug appear as if there is hope for some -- JUST TO MAKE THE SALE. Or research that is basically false and fudged.

"The research that led to statins being heavily promoted as a form of primary prevention of heart disease and stroke was funded by AstraZeneca, the maker of Crestor. Since the release of that study in 2008, none of their claims have turned out to hold water in subsequent research. On the contrary, as the two featured studies show, they actually worsen cardiovascular disease progression. "

There there is the whole CoQ10 depletion...

They may be necessary for those that truly have genetic issues with high cholesterol numbers - but they are being pushed on just about everyone. Me, too. Because I was close to the age of 50. Thank you Lord for me not listening to that "expert." For I have read there is some concern over women taking statins "just because."

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I read an article that chloresteral is not the culprit, that is important to have in your body. Also when all of this started scientist said, don't drastically change your diet. We don't know about unknown things that might be in bacon for instance that will keep you well and healthy. Since then they have backed off of a lot of things they first told us we shouldn't eat. One of the main diet books was written by a heart surgeon and he said you need fat in your diet. He advised people not to blot the grease from your bacon and sausage when you fry it, you need that grease.

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YUM YUM..bring on that bacon and breakfast sausage..LOL

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@EmmaR -- you are correct.

The whole issue of lowering the cholesterol number was to usher in this huge money maker for the drug companies. Now to find that these drugs do NOT do what they were originally supposed to. They will probably just get re-packaged as an anti-fungal, for that is what they are--more or less.

GOOD fats ;) are GOOD! Avocado, unrefined coconut oil (I put a big glob in my perked fair trade organic coffee every morning, flax/borage/olive *just don't heat the olive oil, PURE clean butter. (As for pork, I wouldnt touch those poor abused creatures for anything. They pretty much eat nothing but garbage anyway - why would I want that digesting in me?) Choose turkey/chicken sausage and bacon. Just as good. Personally, I try for free range/organic, humanely treated in my beef/fowl/fish choices.

Good fats are necessary for brains. So just say no to canola, corn and soy.

It's the inflammation that is the kicker for damage done in arteries and heart tissue. (From a diet high in carbs--SUGAR--dairy and no exercise) A surgeon said this:
"Let me repeat that: The injury and inflammation in our blood vessels is caused by the low fat diet recommended for years by mainstream medicine. " here:

Having digestive problems from killing off good bacteria causes some really nasty things as well: inflammation, leaky gut, allergies, depression; to name a few. Replace those healthy bacteria *never with the cute little pink ribboned junk yogurt which is ALL sugar!! **Reduce the potatoes, breads, crackers, chips, sugar or remove it all together and let your immune system start working properly again. I take probiotics, kefir and goat yogurt - along with some fermented foods.

My sweetener is pure organic leaf stevia. My sweet is 78%+ raw cacao/dark chocolate which I might put in a cup of coffee too.

Bison is my first choice for meat. There was a time in my life when I thought: ewwwww. At that time I was on migraine meds, antibiotics for sinus infections (but they are caused by a FUNGUS), birth control pills, steroids for sinuses, IBS/GERD meds (purple pill) and a host of others. I had my gallbladder removed and a malignant melanoma.

I was a hot mess and none of those drugs/surgeries did a thing to help.

Changing my diet did. In 2005 I went organic. 2009 gluten free. 2010 raw milk. and more drugs. I feel great. And you can, too.

Say goodbye to the burgers/fries thru the windows. The pizzas. The popcorn. The sweetened sodas that one popular one may contain HEK293 cells - yech. NO THANKS. These corporations CAN afford to make food with healthier ingredients but the synthetic unknowns are way cheaper. And that is all that matters: MAKING A PROFIT.

It is not up to them to educate you. You make the choice. It's all marketing.


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Thank you........I try to be correct on everything I post and I often google to be sure. Some times I just post common sense.

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