Teething question, please help!

stephyloulouDecember 4, 2006

My daughter is a year old and is finally getting her top two teeth in. There's just one problem... I noticed this morning that her gums were inflamed and red, also there appeared to be pus around the tooth that is through and the new one coming in.

Also, some yellowish/whitish legions have appeared on the inside of her lips and a few on her tongue.

I've called a few other mothers and no one seems to have encountered it before.

Can any one tell me what's going on here?

She didn't want her picture taken, so this is the best I have...

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You need to take your child to the doctor NOW This could be a case of thrush.

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Nope, not teething, that is thrush probably. Just coincidence it is showing up along with teething. Google Thrush under image, looks exactly like this. Easy to cure, but takes a prescription.


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Hope you took the advise and took your daughter to her pediatrician. Sure looks like a classic case of thrush, which is a fungal infection and needs prescription treatment ASAP.

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My son, when he was very young, developed a mouth full of ulcers. It was so painful for him. The doctor didn't treat it with anything. But your child's spots are a bit larger.
Hope things are improving.

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The earliest appointment they had was Tuesday morning. The doctor said it was thrush and gave the necessary prescription. The thrush was so bad she gave up her nuks and also weened herself... cold turkey. (now mom's the hurting one)
She's really cranky and hates the meds, but hopefully she'll be back to normal soon.

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