Cat Allergies,

runsnwalkenDecember 21, 2008

I was wondering If you are a cat owner who decides to leave your cats at your parents home( for moral and safety reasons - to people,cats and property that does not belong to you) and you move in with someone who is allergic to cats, and you visit your cats at your parents on weekends every now and then. Could you give the suffer allergies by coming home from being with your cat. You know on clothing/ect.

Just wondering.

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I'm not a cat owner, but am very allergic to cats. My daughter's roommate has two cats which drives me crazy after being in her apartment for about 15 minutes. She now has a puppy that she brings over to visit quite often and the cat dander does come with him! I have been brushing him and wiping him down with a damp wipe to help. Even so, if I don't wash my hands and get them near my eyes, look out! I also know that anything that has been around the cat and hasn't been washed, etc. will bother me. Especially fabrics. I know she can never move home with her furniture now! Good Luck.

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It really depends on HOW allergic a person is. I had problems with one that lived in the house. It had to become an outdoor cat. However, visiting someone home for a few hours gives me very little trouble.

Extremely allegic? Yes, even being around someone that has been holding a cat can be bothersome.

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Yes, you could pass along cat allergens.

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Okay, See I have two cats and mild Autism and will be moving into a group home in like 5+ years I hoped that by picking a placement with some buddy who has allergies I wouldn't be supporting cats in group homes- which I'm against because most cats in those suitations end up on really poor diets and de clawed- not to mention possible abuse from some buddy who is retarded,mentally ill or something.


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