Waterlox on white pine floors - need stain?

lizzie_nhSeptember 4, 2011

We are strongly considering installing wide plank eastern white pine flooring, and finishing them with Waterlox. Can anyone tell me how the Waterlox will alter the color of the wood, after 3 or 4 coats? Ideally we would have something approaching a "pumpkin pine" shade - definitely not a light natural pine color. (That is, I'd like the floors to be a more dark-ish orange-ish color, and not light-ish yellow-ish.)

I watched the how-to video on the Waterlox website and it makes it seem as if the final color on light-colored bare wood will be what I want, but I'd like to hear about other people's experience with it.

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Definitely orange-ish, lizzie. We did 4 coats on our Douglas fir attic (sub)flooring last fall and it has a definite orange cast, not yellow at all. I'd call our floor medium to medium-dark, but the fir probably started out with more of a range of light-to-dark shades than your white pine. Do a test board to see if it's as dark as you'd like. Remember that the wood will also darken some over time and exposure to light.

We're really happy with how the Waterlox finish turned out in spite of the fact that we were total novices at floor finishing. And the best part is no more splinters when barefoot!

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Thank you! We are DIY-ing it and I was happy to learn about the existence of Waterlox. It looks easy to apply (and I realized that if I need stain, I can mix it (depending on ingredients) into the first coat of the Waterlox.) I like the idea of a finish which can be spot-repaired, and we're also looking for a rustic "old New England house" style, which I won't get from polyurethane. I think this is the right choice.

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