Kitchen Flooring Dilemma

Heckler5September 25, 2012

Hi! This is my first post, and I am hoping for some advice/input concerning our kitchen floor. Currently, our kitchen, breakfast nook, laundry room, and 3/4 bath have a sheet vinyl floor that is in horrible condition. It is 25 years old, has many dings and is peeling up in some spots.

Within the next two to five years we plan on doing a kitchen remodel. We know at that point we want porcelain tile throughout the area where there is currently sheet vinyl. But we can't wait that long to replace our current floor. So, we could install porcelain now with the intent of keeping it/working with it when we remodel. Or, we could install a cheaper floor now (vinyl tiles?) to get us through and then upgrade to porcelain when we remodel.

Thoughts? If it makes a difference, we will likely not be changing our layout but may be adding some cabinets in the nook area. Also the space is app. 300 sq.ft. Including laundry and bath.


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I see no reason to wait. Putting down the peel and stick(?) would just be a waste of time and money. Your going to have to remove old vinyl and adhesive, or put an underlayment over it to put down cheap vinyl. Then you will have to remove it and adhesive or add underlayment to put down real floor. Why do that twice. Unless you want to practice B4 doing real thing? ;)

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You could do the tile now but what if in a few years when you do your remodel and change the style of cabinets where a cabinet of island once stood but now is open. You would need to buy enough tile to compensate or risk having the tile be discotinued and not being able to find it. Also the added expense of having it installed.

The sqare vinyl is a good idea. Its dirt cheap and DIY friendly. Plus it doesnt have to be professionally looking perfect either since its a short term deal.

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How much are you looking to spend per sq feet for a
2-5 yr temp. floor ??
There is so much out there that's DIY.
No need to do a total prep. for floor
and no need to glue down .
There's floating vinyl plank and floating sheet vinyl..
The vinyl plank is very forgiving with minor "bumps" smoothed a bit.

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You never know what your remodeling plans will be in the future and tile would be a big risk and expense. Wait and do it all at once.
If.....your really antsy to do something, order enough tile to do the project you expect to do. If you can, slip tile under cabinets with no cut edges so that when you remodel you can take off from a factory edge......or use a low adhesion glue to glue down those pieces you may be taking up in the future.

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I would recommend Allure floating vinyl planks. Floats, nothing to stick down or remove later. They have some non-wood look ones that would be a nice upgrade from what you currently have. I used their white which is really gray-taupe and not white at all. A lot of colors are $1.99 at Home Depot. I think the color white was a special order but they shipped it right to the house for free.

I would hate to choose the tile now for a project you are going to do in a few years.

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