Cure fo exzema

goldyDecember 24, 2003

My brother was born with it and mom got rid of it This was over sixty years ago and you might have to find and old doctor or pharmacist to help you.The product is and oinment called sayman salve.also she used a product call curticura ointment.I know it works because my brothers son was born with the same problem.His mother used the same stuff and it cured him too. To this day (62yrs) and ]42years] they both have the best skin you ever seen.

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I have exzema and I would love to find this cream or ointment. I too was born with it and the doctors back then said I should out grow it. Well, I am 51 years young and am just wondering when I will outgrow it (LOL)

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It is a yellow cream .I think you would have to find an old pharmacy and he would go through his books and find the manufacture.It's possible he could tell you what's in it.At that time it was and over the counter product.I think the base of it was surfer.Both my brother and his son had it.Their skin today is clear as a bell.

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I just went to my local drugstore and bought it. It was right there on the shelf. It smells sort of like Vicks-vapo-rub and mine is white. Sure hope it helps. THANKS

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I forgot to say it was the Sayman salve that I purchased.

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It works .But you most have faith and use it daily.Let me know in about two months the results.

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Well its been over 2 months and I have not noticed a difference using the Sayman salve. Sure was hoping it would help. I used it very faithfully and still no better than using cortisone creams. At least I gave it a try.

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Don't give up.I wish you could see my brother.He is65 years old and has the skin of a lady.Sometimes what works for one might take longer for another.Over the years they some times take out the main ingredients that works.Midol use to work but they have changed that too.Do you remember Wilkinson razor blades?they worked forever and they took them off the market.Finish the jar and say a prayer.I still think it will work.

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