I need help, is the wisdom teeth coming out?

gotbfdkDecember 22, 2012

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If it is just abcessed and painful, it cannot hurt your other teeth, but an abscess is a serious health problem. If it were me I would call the dentist in your city ask if they would help you. Most are willing to help someone in pain, even if they are closed. My dentist gave us his cell phone and told us to call day or night if we needed help. He also said "don't go to the ER".

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I found this really helpful video on Youtube...
She talks about how to avoid swelling, pain and infection in a natural way


Here is a link that might be useful: Wisdom Teeth Advice

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Hope you got your teeth problem solved. Best way to tell if wisdom tooth coming in sideways against tooth next to it is open your mouth & look with a flashlight, may need a friend to look if on top & see if there is a tooth part way through or top doesn't look like it should. If it is coming in sideways it can get very painfully. I had 1 like that. They can come in any age from around 17 to 40 or so. I was in late 30's when I had 3 taken out. There was no 4th 1. 2 had come in 1 looking fairly normal but hurting when I ate & other sideways. 3rd 1 was not out yet but in odd position so I was put under & had it all done same day. Then you have to have food & drink that is pretty much room temp for several days. I thought I could drink Iced Tea & I ended up looking like I had mumps, told dentist I thought ice was good for injury etc. He said, not in the mouth!!! So take a good look & see what is going on. If there is no tooth but gum is very painful something else may be going on. Good Luck!

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Mine eventually came out and were then pulled. Not all at once. I still have one stuck in there which have many fine nerves wrapped around root - they left that one in.

I recently had the last of three pulled a couple years ago.

Don't freek about pain unless it is overwhelming! I use hydrogen peroxide to gargle. It foams like crazy when there is an infection brewing.

I also do oil swishing. Be careful with over the counter pain relievers. Did you know tylenol has shellac in it and can damage kidneys? yech.

Pain is your body telling you something. Listen to it. But don't freak out. I had a filling redone and it hurt for months. Takes a very long time for soft tissue to heal. If I had complained to dentist, I am certain there would have been an unnecessary root canal done to shut me up. So I watched. I cleaned. I rinsed. I let it heal. NO PROBS today and NO ROOT CANAL which I sometimes wonder if they are needed at all.

Hope you feel better.

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