Do you dream more when you don't get enough sleep?

quirkyquercusDecember 13, 2006

Does anyone notice if you don't get enough sleep on let's say Monday night... you toss & turn for hours befor finally going to sleep. You spend tuesday kina groggy not totally there. Then Tues night the dreams are very intense.

Did I stumble on to something here?

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Hi quirky,
I think you dream only during REM sleep. I'm thinking that you get so exhausted by the Tuesday night, that you sleep very deeply........and you go into REM sleep more, and that can cause all the dreaming. Also, my family and I have noticed that when we eat tomato products, we tend to dream alot more and have crazy dreams.

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It could also be that when you are having trouble sleeping, you consciously awaken more often, therefore you remember your dreams, whereas people who sleep well don't remember them because they are not consciously awake during the night. I think stress adds to strange dreams too.
Mrs H

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