Feedback wanted on Tempur pedic pillows

sandyinvaDecember 14, 2003

I am thinking of getting a tempur pedic pillow for my husband; he often complains of neck pain in the morning, he also has degenerative disc disease and arthritis in his back. Anyone have one?



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I don't have one but met a woman on our cruise who has one and says she never has problems with her neck now that she uses the tempurpedic pillow.
I have a buckwheat hull pillow that really helps my arthritic neck.

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I have one and feel that it's helped me a lot. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and at one point, was having a lot of stiffness in my neck. The pillow is expensive, but I sometimes take it when I travel as it does squish down. You may also want to google the newsgroup, as there have been discussions on this.

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I always had neck and shoulder pain (mild, but it was always there) until I got a Tempurpedic pillow. Using it the very first day was like turning point in my life! Now DH also has one and he loves it too. We're now thinking about the mattress.

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I think we will try one. There are two or three different kinds: one is made up of tiny little pellets of foam, and I think one targets sleep position for spine alignment, and I think there is one specifically for neck and spine problems. We must have 15 different pillows around here that we have tried over the past few years that have not worked out.

Concerning beds: We were strongly considering a tempurpedic mattress a couple of years ago, but DH is a night sweater and we didn't think it would be the best match. I had had such a problem with pressure points at my hips that I could not sleep comfortably, we bought a Healthy Choice Comfortaire bed, which has a layer of memory foam on the top, and that has worked very well.


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I've had a mattress for a couple of years and love it. My uncle, who suffers from MS, got one and it did wonders for him. I have another friend with MS and it helped her tremendously, too. Other friends have also bought one and love it. I have a pillow that I like OK but I think it may be too big. I have what must be the medium one and am thinking of trying a small. But the mattress is incredible.

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hated mine, but it is worth a try.

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I have a pillow made by Sleep Innovations. My daughter bought it for me at Costco and it cost quite a lot less than the TempurPedic. I love it! Before I got it, I would routinely wake up with a sore neck and back. Now, I never have any pain in those areas.

Sandy, if you bought one, how do you like it?

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I have one and think it's hot.

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I have one and I love it....I have had it a couple years now and they have got cheaper in price that when I bought it.....I can't remember the brand of mine. I take it when we travel to......DH has a regular pillow.

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I have a memory foam bed and LOVE it. I would never sleep on anything else. I also have a tempur pedic pillow and must use it for my neck pain. Both have helped me a great deal. Yes, the bed is warm, but you will get used to it.

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I ordered a dreamer evolution pillow about a month ago and loved it. If you are having neck pain this is the one to go with. It was a lot lighter then tempuredic and is about half the price. Does a better job of contouring to the neck and head as well. U may want to consider before going with tempurpedic

Here is a link that might be useful: Dreamer Pillow

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I don't have a Tempurpedic pillow, but I want to get one. My daughter and her SO have a Tempurpedic mattress and love it. I can't afford one.

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I have the authentic temperpedic and it goes where I go, can't leave home without it. Do not buy a cheaper copy, they don't have the viscosity that the dense foam has and that's what's needed to cradle the neck. I bought a lesser one and it was awful. I also have a 4 inch temperpedic mattress on my bed and it's pure heaven. Since then I've put them on all the mattresses in the house. If you do buy one it has to be a 4 pound density to even come close to comparing with Temperpedic brand.

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