Anyone had to have a chemotherapy port?

creekgirlDecember 9, 2008

Hi All.......

I'm wondering just how much pain is involved in having one put in. The websites I checked out make it seem like it's very easy to have done but would like to hear from someone who "has been there, done that".

As far as I can figure It doesn't take long & can be done in an hour or so.....outpatient procedure?

Thanks, Creekgirl

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My aunt just had this done. It is an outpatient procedure. They did this when they did a lymph node biopsy on her. She went in the morning and was home by lunch, I believe.

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Thanks for the info. It makes me feel a little better about the procedure.

I'm also having a lymph node biopsy. I just might ask if the port could be put in at the same time. I'll be asleep for the biopsy anyhow & it would make it easier on me. I'm not a wimp but don't like to have extra pain.


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I had a port for chemo and it was an easy, painless procedure. Outpatient in the AM at the hospital and I was home by noon. The port was great durning chemo, made a difficult time much easier. Write back if your Dr. doesn't give you directions to keep it painless when starting chemo. Take care.


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Thanks Emma.....The last time I talked to the onc doc he wanted me to have the port because he was putting me on avastin & it takes a long time to do an infusion. I think they worry about blowing out the veins.

What things can be done to make the whole process easier?

Before I start on the chemo I have to have a MRI of my brain to see if there is any metatasis to it. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever end. Creekgirl

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Creekgirl, I just finished treatment for breast cancer and have a port in. The proceedure itself is very easy with mild pain afterwards. One of the things I did was use lanacain or lydacain (I don't remember which). You put a dallop on the port, don't rub it in, and cover it with some saran wrap to keep it from getting on your clothes. You do this at least an hour prior to the port being accessed. It will numb it and you won't feel the needle.
Have you been diagnosed with cancer? If so, what kind...if you don't mind my asking.
I wish you the very best.

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Hey Lori.......

I hope that your breast cancer is gone. I know 3 gals that are either having or just finished treatment for it. Just seems like so many gals have been diagnosed recently. It's so sad.

Thanks for the info on the lanacain. I will remember to do that for sure.

This is my second time around. I had lung cancer....staged 111A...did the chemo/radiation & finally surgery Nov.2007 to remove the upper right lobe & some stray lymph nodes on the right side. Scans were good for awhile but now the last PET scan showed lymph nodes on left side are cancerous. So will do chemo again. But the onc doc is concerned that it will be too rough on my veins so is going to order a "power port" put in. Supposedly it will accomadate needles for lab draws, CT scans & also the chemo. I think it will be great to have. I did get tired of being stuck.

Did you also have the radiation? That was worse than the chemo for me.

Thanks for the good wishes.......Creekgirl

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My thoughts are with you as you begin chemo again. Will you have many courses of treatment? I had 3a endometrial cancer and had both chemo and radiation. Both were bearable but the chemo was the most challenging. I have scans every three months now, wondering if it's come back. Take care and continue the thread it it helps.


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Yes I had radiation. 6 months of chemo and 30 radiation treatments. I traveled out of state for my treatments. The gal that gave me the encouragment had lung cancer, small cell carcinoma. She is now cancer free and on the televistion commercial for the new center that is opening at the end of the month.

I did not have a hard time with any of my treatments. Pretty much breezed through them. I had a naturopathic doctor that I worked with and did tons of supplements that helped with my immune system, energy, bones and heart. They worked with the oncologists so everyone new everything about your treatment, supplements, blood work, tests, etc.

I am praying everything works out well for you. Try not to worry about the port thing. I am sure you will find out that to be the easiest part!

Happy Holidays

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Thanks everyone for the port info. I had mine put in on Monday am & it went well. It does feel strange when I run my hand over that area. It's still sore but did put some heat on it & it felt better. Well, eventually I'll get used to having it there....

I had the MRI to my brain done yesterday at 2:30 & at 6 last night had a call from the onc doctor on duty...(3 doctors in the practice). There are 2 brain is 1cm & the other smaller. She said that my regular onc will probably call either today or Friday. I was so surprised to get that call so soon but at least I don't have to fret over it on Christmas. She feels that we will probably go the gamma knife route but since she isn't my regular onc didn't commit herself. She did say for me to be assured that they are going to hop on this a.s.a.p. That was good to hear.

Wishing all good health in 2009. Creekgirl

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wow creekgirl! you are going through a lot right now and I wish you all the best. Avastin is an outstanding drug! Did your doctor explain how it works? When were you first diagnosed? keep posting and let us know how you are doing/feeling/holding up. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Emma.....I am hoping also that you get clean scans. Do you get what they call "scanxiety" when the time gets near to do them? I used to be a wreck just wondering what was going on in my body.

Lane76....Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I saw the onc doc 12/31....his last patient of the year! I was first dx in June 07 so it's been awhile that we've been together. We have a plan in place. On 1/5 I see the Radiologist (same gal that treated me before) & on 1/7 have appt. with the neurosurgeon (oh boy, a new doctor) in the am. They are thinking that cyberknife can be done. After the am appt. will go back to radiation dept. for decision on if the cyberknife will be possible.If not, there are still other options. And then on the same afternoon a CT of brain & then another MRI of brain. I have the feeling that I'll be so tired by then I'll be able to sleep through that (as noisy as it is).
Onc. doc wants to do Traceva....pills at home and then Avastin....once every three weeks infusion.
I have heard good things about the Avastin & that most people have good results. I know it supposedly blocks the cancer cells from dividing but if you have any more info on it & can tell me how good your results were I'd like to hear about it. Have you also heard anything about Tarceva?

Wishing you all good health in 2009. Creekgirl

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I'm due to have a port done next week. I'm 77, bony as heck, so I'm wondering if they'll find enough fat in which to place the port!
A terrible thing happened to me. In 2009 I went to the hospital with possible pneumonia. They found spot on my right lung. The doctor did a Cat Scan, Pet Scan and Biopsy...told me I didn't have cancer. In 2011, went to my doctor for a pain in my left arm...she did an x-ray, told me the spot had gotten bigger - sent me back to the Pulmonary Office. The doctor who had told me I DIDN't have cancer had since died. The new doctor argued that I had had cancer the first time and said the Doctor (who had died) had it in his notes. My two daughters were with me when he said I didn't have cancer - we all hugged and were delighted. The "dead doctor" had put in his notes I refused to come back! He asked if I wanted to come back. I answered "not if I don't have to." He merely said if anything changes, let him know. I was stunned out of my mind when the 2nd doctor told me the place had gone from quarter size to cue-ball size. I feel that dead doctor took two years out of my life - something might have been done in Stage One or I'm in Stage IV! Does anyone think I have a medical malpractice case?

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I'm due to have the port placed in tomorrow. (5/10). I'm a bit frightened since I'm so skinny. Does anyone have any idea if this will be a problem? Thanks.

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I had a port in pain at all. Sure made getting chemo a lot easier.

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Hi my name is Leatha n iam starting chemo on August 17, and I would like to know if its ok to put the port n my chest while iam also durning my breast expanding.

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I hav ileostomy bag n feels comfort sleeping in lt side position.does chemo port makes any discomfort during sleeping in same side.does it feel any discomfort in daily life?how abt taking bath with it in chest?

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I too have to get a port and was wondering about sleeping with it - do you feel it when moving around when trying to sleep?

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Had port put in and taken out. It is a little uncomfortable but doable. I was glad when I had it taken out so I could sleep more comfortable. It was a little uncomfortable accessing when having chemo, but just listen to your chemo nurse. Always talk to your doctor or chemo nurse if you have concerns/problems. Everybody's body is different. Also, attend support group meeting sponsored by the cancer society. They are very helpful. God bless and prayers.

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Hi byrdseay, I'm getting a port put in after a mastectomy and lymph node involvement. I'm wondering how painful it is afterward and how long I'll be out of work after it's done. The NP at the surgeon's office must've been kidding when she said 7 - 10 days!

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I had a power port put in at the same time as my initial lumpectomy (I subsequently had to have a mastectomy) just over two years ago. I did not find the port to be painful at all. If you have already had the mastectomy, you shouldn't have any issues.

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God bless alll you folks who are going through some trying times.
I am scheduled to have a port implanted on the 21st to treat non-small cell cancer of the right lung. The original plan was to use the Cyberknife to get rid of the tumor, but the tumor is too large for the knife at present, 10cms verses 5cms for the knife. I believe the plan is to reduce the tumor to a point where the Cyberknife can be used.
This will be my first experience with cancer and chemo.
Again, God bless you all and please say a short prayer for an old Marine.

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