Family Dr or GYN?

goldensmomDecember 7, 2007

How many of you get a pap smear, breast exam, etc. from your primary care physician vs a gyn? My dr. is an internist & for some reason I just feel strange having him do it. Comments please?

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I felt the same way too so now I go to GYN. It cost me more on my co pay on insurance but I think it is worth it. I feel I get a more complete exam with the GYN

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No question about OB/GYN.

It's hard enough to diagnose things like Ovarian Cancer when the MD is Specialty Trained to look for subtle diseases, so I wouldn't trust a GP to do a PAP. Plus, so many of them are under the capitation system that they are reluctant to refer patients to a Specialist except when they have no recourse and precious treatment time might be wasted.

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I see a nurse practitioner in my GP's clinic who does nothing but Pap tests and a few other assorted female concerns. I vastly prefer this to using either a gynecologist who is on a superfast schedule or my elderly male GP. The NP is always ready to make a referral if she finds or I report any kind of problem or concern. Then I see a female GYN. My periods came back on me at the age of 58 and I was immediately sent out for an internal MRI and then to a gynecologist. The consensus was that my body was led to try and crank out a few more eggs because I was focused on my daughter's fertility problems. She did become pregnant during these couple of months. Once she announced, my body stopped kicking out eggs and never resumed.

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devorah, I'm not a doctor. However, if you started having periods again at 58 after not having any for several years that is not normal, not for any female. I'm surprised your GYN didn't do a biopsy of the lining of your uterus or perform an D&C.

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I go to a female gyn, I am very comfortable with her. I thought I had a post menopausal problem and the MDs told me my problem was normal and offered no treatment. My gyn told it was not atrophy like thought it was, it was a disease and girls as young as 5 can have it. She also gave me a medicine that took care of the symptoms.

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The gyn did do a scraping of the uterus and sent it for testing. There was a chance it was cancer but the Dr. wasn't particularly worried. She said it isn't at all unusual for our bodies to try and crank out a few more eggs. I didn't start menopause until I was 56, so it wasn't as far to age 58 as it would be for most people.

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