Chronic tonsillitis after mono?

catherinetDecember 30, 2006

Hi everyone,

My almost 20 year old daughter had mono about 2 years ago. She had a bad strep infection at that time too (which was treated). I took her to my ENT doc and he said that once the tonsils get attacked, to the extent that her's were attacked, they need to come out. Well, I chose a more conservative "wait and see" approach. For almost a year and a half, she didn't have any problems. But now, she's getting more sore throats, with 1 or both tonsils inflamed (with white spots), and swollen neck nodes. She's only been treated once this year with antibiotics, and I definitely don't want to increase that to much more.

I'm into more holistic thinking than just whack something out. I'm trying to figure out what might help her to avoid these episodes. She's very stressed at college, with a very intense schedule. I'm also trying to make her understand how important it is to clean her musical instrument's mouthpiece every day......which she isn't doing. She takes vitamins (C, zinc,) and some other supplements to help her through the more stressful times.

She also has intermittant canker sores. I'm trying to get her to take more B vitamins too.

I know that the Epstein-Barr virus can cause chronic problems.

She also has noticed that her immune system seems to crash during ovulation.

So....besides just surgically having her tonsils removed, do any of you have any "alternative" suggestions to keep these infected tonsil episodes away? I'm thinking her immune system needs some boosting, but I'm not sure how to do it.

She's a very healthy eater. She has also learned that she needs a good amount of sleep, and she gets regular exercise. Does anyone else have more suggestions that might help her? Thanks!

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I don't know if this is anything you want to hear, but this is my experience. I have not had mono, but I am 29 and I just got my tonsils out on 12-20-06 (still recovering).
I Have been sick for months but no doctor could tell me what was wrong with me. No sore throats. Just sick. Head aches, body odor, bad breath, very rarely ate, and no energy. I have been married for 5 years no kids yet and I work full time so this was putting a toll on me. After I had been on 4 different anti-biotics and lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks(which I only weigh now 120, but not the nutritionally way.) I had to do something to get better. I would strongly suggest to get your daughters tonsils out if you can. It is an outpatient procedure and it is only a 1/2 for the actually process for the tonsils getting out and a couple hours for the whole thing start to finish in the hospital.

I found out 1 week after surgery that I HAD Chronic Tonsilitis with food particals wedged in the tonsils.
I am still hoping this will do the trick to make me feel better, but so far for only being 2 weeks after tomorrow, my head aches have been a little better.
Hope this helps and good luck.....
Happy New Year!

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There are a couple things I forgot!
I realized what the bad odor was: example if you leave a piece of bread out for a long period of time, what happens to it? it gets moldy. Well, that is what was happening to my body. The bacteria and mold were growing everywhere in my body, that started from my throat from Tonsilitis. I was throwing clothes away for over 6 months just thinking that I stunk and needed new deoderant.
Anyways . I wish my mom was not so stubborn with me and just made me get mine out.
I only took 3 days off work and the weekend. I worked all last week after Christmas (try to do it a holiday weekend to get an extra day)

I've been through college and got my associates in automotive technology, I know how hard it is. Plus I was a Golie in Soccer on the college team.
You really cannot make your kid take pills or clean her instrument. She is going to have to learn on her own. You can suggest it, though. That is a growing up thing..
But if you still have insurance, don't be stubborn.

I also had Chronic Sinunitus 2 years ago Had the whole MRI thing done and had to have surgery for that. I am feeling better from that until this came along. I just want to feel good again!!!!!

If you would like I can let you know how I recover. But regardless I will be working 5-6 days a week and at least 9 hr days.

Thank you for listening again!

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im a 21 year old college student and got mono about 4 years ago. I was out of school for 2 months. About 1 year later I developed chronic tonsilitis. They were always inflamed with white puss on them. This persisted for 2 years. During that time I was constantly sick. I finally got them removed last may. I haven't been sick since and my throat no longer bothers me. I put up with them for two years trying everything from acupuncture, meds, to diet to avoid surgury and none of it worked. I wish I would have taken them out sooner.

Something else to keep an eye on is chronic mono. I have recently been diagnosed with it. If your daughter continues to feel tired it may be a cause of that as well.

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Thanks Garfield and lenas,
Lenas....that is very interesting that you didn't get similar throat problems after the tonsillectomy. I will definitely keep that in mind.
When you say you have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue your main symptom? How might chronic mono differ from chronic fatigue syndrome? (actually, I think its called Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome)
Fortunately, my daughter doesn't have fatigue. That seemed to go away with the mono, after about 3 weeks.
She just seems to get throat infections alot.
Thanks for your input and good luck to you!

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Hello- I know it's been a long time since you guys posted on here but i'm hoping you're still around and can tell me how you're doing today. My daughter had mono at 9 and was diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis 7 years later! She is now suffering from tonsil stones and severe nausea. Did you ever have either of those symptoms?

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Hello all- I have always had issues with tonsillitis. As a child I would get severe ear infections, to the point that my ears apparently would bleed. I grew out of that and then began getting strep throat when I lived out in the desert. I would get it 2+ a year. Since 10 years old I moved back to the valley, and when I get sick its always tonsillitis. 5+ times a year, but I had this doctor who wouldn't document it, so he never suggested having them removed. I was 18 when I got mono. That was the worst experience ever. For 2 weeks i was misdiagnosed with tonsillitis and put on antibiotics. Well 2 weeks later when I could no longer talk, or sleep because my throat was swollen shut, my doc sent me to an ENT and he said I had mono and a cellulitis on my tonsils. He gave me miracle antibiotics and a steroid, though he said he should hospitalize me and that I was at risk of dying. Within the day of taking the new medication I felt better. Since then, and I'm almost 23 I have tonsillitis all the time. My tonsils are permanently swollen, and the left one seems to always swell more and hurt more, and so does my ears. For over a week I've been having a severely sore throat, but I hate going to the docs since it really doesn't make me better. I coughed out some tonsil stones this afternoon. GROSS! So... the problem is I don't have health insurance. I haven't felt good in months.

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Did you get her tonsils out? The mouth ulcers are s sign of chronic mono. Tonsils are LYMPH NODES and they can store virus- Your daughter seems to be suffering from MONO, not tonsilitis. This is a serious situation and you need to follow the Dr's advice.

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i had my tonsils removed when i was in high school.. since i was having tonsilitis every month, my doctor recommended to just remove it as it could lead to some heart-related problems.. the tonsils are just like filters and serve no other purpose.. if its a cause of other problems, better to just remove it..

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wehn i was 7 or 8 i kepp streap and one of the drs let it go and did not treat it but i got better so i thoght weh i turned 14 i woke up one morning and i had pink rased bloches on my uper parts of my legs my mom took me to the er and they wore asking her if i had been scalded with hot water and she told them no so they thought it mite be a reaction to somthing but i have no algerys to any thing so the next morning i looked at my legs and it had went from pink anb blochey rased places to small red dots under the skin mom took me to my dr and he look at it and he knowed what it was just by looking at it. It was Henoch-Sch�nlein Purpura hear is a link that explanes it a little better than i can but to be short i had to wach for bleeding in my stool and pee i had to be carefull with head akes it could be bleeding in the drane but it all could have been prevented if the dr took my toncals out when i was younger i am now get ready to turn 28 i have not had an out brake in 10 years but the dr said it can pop up again for no reason i have had to be put in the hospitale for bleeding in the bowles onice but they stell check my kednys and do a head scan every so often to make shour thears no bleeding any ware but i hope this never happens to any one ever again it is not somthing to mess around with so please get those things out as soon as posable ok please

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I know a lot of time has passed since somebody visited this post but I would be most grateful if anyone who had participated in this post can tell me how they are doing now? I am 21 years old and as far as I can remember my throat hurts most of the time. 2 years ago I had mono and from then on my throat not only hurts but I have temperature around 37.2C. One doctor says it would be better to take the tonsils out but another one said that that's an 'old school' method and that there has been a statistic which says that people who suffered from mono and got their tonsils out suffer from blood diseases. Have you heard of such a thing?

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"So....besides just surgically having her tonsils removed, do any of you have any "alternative" suggestions to keep these infected tonsil episodes away? I'm thinking her immune system needs some boosting, but I'm not sure how to do it."

You might want to try what I and my DH use when we feel we are coming down with something. Vit C. Last week I thought I was coming down with a cold or the flu. I started taking Vit C crystals in orange juice. The bug never really took hold and I was able to keep doing what I normally do. Felt a little run down, but I really feel it helped. You can't really take too much. The way to tell if you are overdoing it is if you experience diarrhea. Then you just cut back the amount you are using until your stool normalizes.

I first read about it while researching polio. There was a doctor who used it Vit C to cure polio cases in the 50's before the polio vaccine became popular. Dr. Klenner said that very high doses were necessary to combat infection and that Vit C works against most virus's. It might help Epstein barre? I also have read that it is useful to take equally large amounts of Vit D. 1000 units/20lbs of body weight along with it.

I'm not a doctor, so please take this for what it is worth! Free advice (my opinon) in an internet forum. Best of health to you and your family.

Links that might be useful:

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I am one of the people that the doctor's told my parents not to have my tonsils taken out Something in my blood tests showed that if they were taken out I could develop Rheumatic problems. They are a type of autoimmune diseases.

I have had tonsil problems for most of my life and only last couple of years the tonsil's have shrunk. I am in my 60's.

Taking antihistamines seem to give relief. It has been suggested to me that many of my tonsil problems are caused by my own bodies defense building histamines.

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>> I would be most grateful if anyone who had participated in this post can tell me how they are doing now? It sure would be nice, I don't get it why they don't follow up, it would help to see what options they have taken,...perhaps they want to keep the outcome private.

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Tonsil Gems are set up if your captured trash inside tonsils calcifies. Your tonsils are generally stuffed with crannies along with nooks wherever microorganisms, useless cellular material along with mucus turn into slow or stopped up for you to. Your captured resources and then variety a new trash, which in turn gathers up throughout bright formations inside pouches. Your trash could possibly be major ample for you to protrude and have slow or stopped up inside tonsil crypt.

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