Looks like I'm...

bill_vincentFebruary 14, 2008

going to fish with Charlie Moore on either his ESPN show (Beat Charlie Moore) or his NESN show-- one of the two..... or both!

Here is a link that might be useful: Charlie Moore vs. Bill V

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How cool! Let us know when it's going to air. (Wear something really warm!)

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for tilefish? :) That will be awesome. Let us know when. My DH will be jealous. He loves to fish. Sue

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Soon as I know, I'll post it. It's going to be some time this spring.

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Bill, that is just so cool! I can't wait to see the photos!

How's that boat coming along?

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What fun. Good luck.

Here's an interesting article on Our Inner Fish!

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Umm Bill darling...I live on a lake :) It's a very cool lake cuz that's what we have in Alaska. All of the fish are cooler than any fish in the lower 48, and all of the fish are national tv worthy.

How about we arrange the fishing contest...ummm expedition for you here...and if we keep you an extra few weeks for "other" busy work...well that will be my gain :oP

I have a large freezer for all the fish you'll catch, and if you want we can train all of the other fish not to take his bait....

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Mom-- that link reminds me of an old Don Knotts movie called The Amazing Mr. Limpett!! LOL

Kathy-- haven't been able to touch it! It's been WAY too cold this year, and I've actually been pretty busy for the last few months. I'm hoping the weather will moderate some within the next month and a half, atleast enough that a kerosene heater in the garage will make a difference!

Dawn-- You're makin it AWFUL difficult to say no!!

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